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Zana asks:
My normal hair colour is dark brown. I have dyed it several times. Often with mahogany colours. Now my hair colour is a mix between mahogany and dark brown. The thing is, my eye brows are very dark (almost black) and I was thinking of dying my hair dark brown (maybe almost black, or blue black?) Do you think that is a good idea?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
Well if your eye brows are dark then it should suit you. Maybe try a very dark brown first and take it in stages.

Emma asks:
I have really fine straight hair which I am bored with I try curling it with tongs irons everything and it never holds I am thinking about getting some sort of perm I really want to achieve loose waves I am not sure whether this can be achieved through perms?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I do not think you would achieve the result that you want with the perm. Try using a volumising lotion before you dry your hair like Hair Volume Lotion by J F Lazartigue After drying try curling your hair with the straighteners, take approximately an square inch of hair, clip it with the irons and twist 180 degrees then gently slide the irons down slowly so you will create a strong curl, do not worry if its a bit to curly to start with as it would soften through the day. Alternatively after you done this you can pin your hair with Velcro rollers upwards, until its cool and then gently take them out, do not worry if your hair, again, is too curly as it would become softer, sometimes the lasting of curls in your hair could depend of the length and hair cut of it, try a few layers.

Claire asks:
I have long brown hair, I have a side parting, it is feathered at the front and layered at the back. I have aN oval/long face shape and a high forehead. I was thinking of getting a sweeping fringe, what sort of hair cut would you recommend should I get a fringe or not?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
: I think a sweeping fringe would look great, especially with your side parting. For a sexy new style try a textured, graduated bob. You can decide on the length to suit your lifestyle, and you can keep the feathering at the front to frame your face. It is a great style for variety use your straightening irons for a sleek, sultry look or vigorously rub wax through your locks for funky rock-chick chic!

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