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Brenda Glikson asks:
I am 69 always had fine hair. recently itís become much thinner around the hairline, I was advised to use minoxidil and to stop colouring ! I have started to take vitamins, what do you advise? If I stop colouring I will look a mess ! Thank you your professional opinion will be welcome...
brenda glikson

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman
Hi Brenda,

Good to hear from you. ...More >

You really need to visit a Trichologist as the change in your hair could be due to a number of factors including hormones, genetics, the products you are using or possibly a medical condition.

A full consultation with a trichologist will help to identify what is changing and how you can manage it moving forward. If you need to find a trichologist, I am happy to recommend someone in your area via the Institute of Trichologists.

Best wishes,


Clare asks:
I have very long, thick and wavy/curly hair depending on the day really. I donít blow dry or dye it and I use the occasional hair mask, it has always been very healthy.

About 7 months ago, almost over night it became very rough and impossible to pull apart resulting in these clumps of frizzy knots, it almost feels like velcro. Iíve tried everything from using products with no protein to home remedies like apple cider vinegar but it hasnít helped. Iím worried I will have to cut it all off as itís very unmanageable. Iíd appreciate any advice, thank you!


Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hi Clare

This is interesting but obviously a worry to you. ...More >

Have you changed anything in you styling or shampoo conditioning routine.

For it to change almost overnight it is something to do with what you are or are not using.

This sometimes happens with a change in the water (ph or hard water) you have not moved house?

A few quick tips.

Shampoo your hair like normal but before you rinse it out take your hands into the roots at your scalp.
Close your fingers together and smooth down from roots to ends while shampoo is on hair.

Do the same with your conditioner or treatment.

If need be after rinsing and before styling apply a small amount of serum or oil and again smooth through and style as normal.

This isnít a hair problem it is a styling regime product or water change.

It can also help( donít laugh using silk pillows that wonít create static or a silk loose fitting hat or beeni)

I know sounds daft but loads of my friends with fros do exactly this)


Ayca Thompson asks:

I have a boy who will be 5 soon. He has a very straight hair. I would like to keep it long but I still canít find the long style I would like for him. Weíve tried many hairdressers but still havenít found the right place to take him.

Is there any tips I could get from you please.

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Hi there.

You didnít say if his hair was fine or thick or medium long , very long, so depending in that I have put a collage together for you with some options.
I have numbered the cuts so that you can tell the stylist what you want and have explained the terms used to help. ...More >

1&5 This is a very long surfer dude the layers are graduatedl ayers and it has no fringe , the base line sits on the shoulders and the stylist uses this as a guide the layers should fall as in the photo 5, so if this is the one then Thaiís what you ask for.

2, 3, 4, 6 The base line is just sitting on the collar and length at the ears is the bottom of the lobe. The layers are then cut within that perimeter.
The fringe should be cut below or above (depending on your preference) the eyebrow and then snipped into and cut slightly shorter on one side (at a slant) to give the illusion of a side parting if you are having a straight across fringe ask for it to be feathered.
is a close up of the fringe for number 2 on blonde hair (didnít know your sons colour)

is same as above but on thick hair

is very fine hair SAME STYLE



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