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Amy asks:
What is the best way to make sure your hair doesn't break during highlights? Should I do a deep protein mask before? I am so scared because it broke last year. Is there any way I can ask my stylist to use a gentler bleach/dye? Is double process so damaging and if not which way should they do it. Highlight before or after the colour...each salon has done it differently

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I think if your hair broke off when doing last year you might want to rethink who is going to do the colour this time. It should never have broken off the way you’re describing it, but they should be able to do the colour and highlights at the same time.

Sam asks:
I naturally have ash blonde hair and for a couple of years I've dyed it black but I want to go back to blonde without waiting for the dye to grow out because the regrowth look’s really bad. Is there a way I could do it at home because I don't really want to spend heaps of money for a hairdresser to do it?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
I think you are being unrealistic if you believe that you could reverse your hair colour at home with a home kit from black to blonde.

If you want a truly professional look and your hair to remain healthy then I think you could explore any of the following options: ...More >

Make an appointment with a reputable colour technician to help you achieve this. You could wear a short hair style and all the new growth would be blonde and healthy. Try a nice wig. Try using hair extensions so as to give the appearance of highlights whilst your hair is growing

I don’t know how long your hair is at present, but if you try to avoid getting it corrected professionally, it could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. Go see a colour technician for advice, it won’t cost you anything until you agree to have something done to it.

Hope it all works out

Emma asks:
My original hair colour is light brown and I have bleached and highlighted my hair for years and I am so fed up with all the bleach in it so I really wanted to go a nice brown so I bought a darkish brown hair colour what washes out in 26 washes. Do I dye it again in 6 or so weeks? How do I get rid of the blonde for good as a friend said the blonde will always come through

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Please do not colour it yourself.!

So many things can go wrong in the colouring process when you have been bleaching it previously, especially when going back to a brown. It is very common to end up with a green hue tone if you do not fully understand the whole colouring process, not to mention potential hair damage. ...More >

The fact that you now have a bleach blonde as your base, keeping any colour pigment in will be very difficult as you will always have colour fade due to the porosity of your hair after the bleaching process.

Seriously, if you want to keep it on your head, save money in the long run through potential disasters, visit a good salon near where you live.

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