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Kelly asks:
I have a super big problem. The past 3 years or so I have been using box highlights on my hair. I never had a problem with box highlights until about a year ago. My hair has become very thin and looks as if someone has taken scissors to my hair and chopped pieces off everywhere. Especially the highlighted pieces, I notice this usually a few weeks after highlighting. I also have thin hair naturally. I have also been using a chi straightener, it makes my hair look better, and I have to wash and blow dry my hair everyday. If I donít wash it, becomes VERY GREASY and if I donít blow dry itís horrible. So I donít know if this damage is from the highlights or the straightener? Iíve always had long, blonde hair so Iím afraid to cut off my hair or dye it back to my natural colour. Any suggestions?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Kelly - the Chi Iron is fine, but not on over damaged hair, you need to go and see a professional about your cut and colour ........and about the BOX!! There is no magic in it, the magic comes from someone who knows what they are doing, go and see someone that works outside the BOX!

John asks:
I have baby fine thinning hair that I wear very short. My Stylist textures it with scissors when he cuts it. But I still need to put product on it so that it doesnít just lay flat. Everything I have tried gel, paste, in the tiniest bit ends up oozing down my scalp onto my forehead causing my forehead to breakout. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could use? Have you ever seen this before?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
It does sound like youíre having a terrible time with your hair products! One of the things that you learn when youíre on a shoot is that less is more as far as products are concerned. When you have models under hot photographic lights you canít have product dripping down their faces! I would recommend using a tiny amount of something very powerful, such as Fudge Hair Shaper and working a tiny amount through your hair. If that does not work, then you could even try using a tiny amount of hairspray to keep you hair in place. Again remember less is more, and go for a non-shiny type so that it is not too obvious you have product in your hair!

Amanda asks:
I have naturally curly hair, I have recently had my hair Cut to just below my chin after always having long hair. Iím happy with the style and wear it curly or straight. I have been thinking about having it cut shorter but am unsure if the curl would still look ok. I have looked into using a straightening product to permanently straighten it while it is shorter but am worried about the affect on my hair and if it would still grow back curly (wouldnít want to loose the curls forever!) I have long face and am tall and slim so also worried if short would suit me?

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
Straight hair will emphasise a long face shape, and body shape. Everything appears vertical from head to toe. So, a little movement will compliment your over all look. Permanently straightening the hair is not bad, when done correctly. Itís great, but it requires commitment. What is bad is when the hair is abused by too much straightening and then you have the desire to revert it all back to natural curls/wavy. Once the internal structure of the hair is changed it pretty much a done deal. My suggestions try cutting it shorter, use your natural hair Ė this all depends on hair texture, how firm or lose the movement. Usually going shorter will generally do things, reduce bulk (layering) or, make the hair/curl/movement lift way from the head (volume, bigger fuller shape) However there are many great products for curly hair.

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