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Sandi asks:
I use Lanza anti healing serum for my hair and love it. Can I use it with a straightening iron. I am asking because it says itís flammable.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would not use a serum with a straightener. You have to be careful as some products can stick to the outside of your hair due to the high temperature of straighteners. What I would recommend more that anything is a good quality Nano Fuzieon Hair Straightener (Platform). Without doubt when you use this with a heat protection spray and your hair will be like silk. A product which is not a silicone but is a heat activate deep penetrating treatment with jahoba crystals in a hydrobeed suspension would be perfect. If you want you can apply your serum after. But I can guarantee your hair will never have been like this before.

Nicola asks:
I have naturally light-medium brown hair and I have been getting a full head of bleach highlights to make it a light blonde colour. Generally I like the colour but the problem is that I feel by having foils all of my hair is never coloured evenly. The blonde never seems to reach down to my roots or the sides and back eg around my ears and at the back of my neck are so these parts are still my natural colour and I think this looks very unnatural especially when wearing my hair up. Also when I look at some individual strands hair they are two toned as if only half of the hair has been dyed and this creates different colours which are very noticeable when I wear my blonde clip in extensions? Would I have been best to go with an all over bleach or blonde dye rather than getting a full head of highlights to achieve a more even blonde look and is there anything I can do now as I realize I probably canít have an all over bleach now I have had the highlights done. My hair is shoulder length in good condition. Thanks

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I personally feel the look you are describing and desire would be achieved through highlights rather than a full head bleach. A full head bleach has a distinctive look it is not a Scandinavian blonde or a natural blonde feeling. Also the up keep of a full head bleach is every three weeks and it is a two step process so a bigger commitment than highlights. I would not do a full head bleach now because of the uneven and heavy highlights, it would be almost impossible to get you hair even and where your hair is already light it will become lighter and possibly break off due to the stress on the hair. I think at this stage you should look around at your friendís associates or any one on the street and when you see someone that as the color you are looking for ask them who their colorist is and give them a try.

Natasha asks:
I am growing my hair and my fringe is down to my eye, but when I try to style it and curve it round it always just ends up being straight, so I clip it back!!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
You probably need a product with a little bit of hold - to keep your hair curved round until it can go behind your ear. Regular hair spray will probably give too much hold. Try something like Lee Stafford Beach Babe Salt Spray which gives your hair just the right amount of hold and body without looking too ídoneí! Another great way of disguising a fringe that is growing out is to simply pull it back with a head band or a band. These bands keep fringes in check giving serious Grecian glamour at the same time. You can mix up the look by putting hair up or simply leaving it down and tousled, depending on what look you want.

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