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Madeline asks:
Iíve bleached my hair about 5 times over the course of 6 months, when I got it to a platinum bleach blonde the bottom was darker than the top. I later got an ash colour put on and it looked silvery after I used purple shampoo and you couldnít even tell that the bottom was darker. I then got my roots done and they were very brassy, thinking I could fix it I tried using a titanium temporary colour but it didnít fix the roots and made the top half (minus the roots) gun metal coloured. I then stripped it by using vitamin c tablets and regular non colour safe shampoo. I got my roots bleached and then an ash toner put over, it looked almost like the silver I liked but the bottom was once again darker. now the roots have faded (in ash colour) and are yellow. The bottom is basically just a honey blonde you can barely see ash and the top (minus the roots) are still a little bit ashy. I have no idea how to fix it but I am not allowed to bleach the bottom because it is super damaged and I am scared to do anything but I hate my hair.
thanks so much, hopefully you can help!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Okay so you are going to need to do 3 or 4 colours! ...More >

Roots - I would apply 12.1 with 40 vol for 40 - 60mins Middle - just leave Ends - apply 12.1 with 2 com violet concentrate - apply this for 20 mins so after 40 mins of the roots processing time. Shampoo and then dry of the hair to review the colour. I then think you will need to re apply 12.1 with 10 vol and warm water equal parts all over for up to 20 mins comb it through gently to keep an eye on the change.

Please start using treatment shampoo and conditioner as well as a weekly masque and that way moving forward your hair will be in better condition and you should be able to just do the roots with the 12.1 and colour conditioner to keep the full head even.

Hope this makes sense?

Ann Herrick asks:
Good Morning, I am at my wits end. I have hair that seems to be breaking near my part, but I get these these little hairs sticking up around my part on the top of my head. I would call it breakage and not frizz, nor flyaways. (I think of static when I think of flyawayís). My hair is not super dry, I use good moisturizers. I do not over load my hair with product. I do not over process it or anything. I get my hair trimmed ever 4-6 weeks. I wash my hair about every three days. I do not over process it, I get it high/low lighted every 7 months. I have used all sorts of products. and have collected a product graveyard. I have tried Aveda, Living Proof, Bumble and Bumble, NexXus, so many and too many to help tame the breakage or fly aways or whatever it is. I tend to let it air dry, and I tend to not brush it when wet. If I do I use a detangler I like the invisible oil primer by bumble and bumble and use a wide tooth comb to brush it. I truly feel at my wits end. I have wasted so much money on tons of products. Hair spray does not seem to hold them down either. My hair is not thick and not thin. It is fairly healthy and past my shoulders. It is curly wavy. Not really one or the other. It can become frizzy when I blow dry it. I also would like it to grow out but seems to grow to a certain length and starts breaking. Please HELP:) Thank you.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Try not to worry as you are doing lots of things perfectly well so it leads me to believe that its either a diet or medical issue. So my suggestions I have written for magazine may help. It sounds to be that you may need a supplement that will help your hair in the growing stage and strengthen it so it doesnít break. ...More >

I hope this helps, good luck

Due to the fact the life span of an individual hair is 2 - 7 yrs, we have approximately 100, 00 hairs on a healthy head and lose around 100 per day.

Hair has a 3 stage cycle -

1: Anagen - active growth

2: Catagen - a transitional phase

3: Telagen - resting and shedding

Once we hit 40 (sometimes before or after) the anagen phase the growing tends to slow down this can be for a number a reasons;

. Diet

. Fluctuating hormones

. Stress

Or even pre menopause, the signs are additional hair loss this actually affects 1 in 3 women so hair feels thin, lank hair that lacks life and loss of shine. We tend to want to do something drastic with our hair we experiencing the above but suggestions below can help as your hair and nails are the last parts of your body to receive nutrients, below are the foods and advice on supplements that your hair will most certainly benefit from, perhaps preventing a drastic change. They provide all the essential ingredients and amino acids that feed and condition your hair and scalp from the inside out!

Sweet Almonds - Vitamin H (Biotin) helps with repair to Keratin damage (structure of hair shaft)

Red meat, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Beans, Dark green veg, Dried Raisins & Apricots - Iron

Tuna, Cheese. Eggs, Beef, Liver, Mackerel - Vitamin D

Low fat yogurt, Milk, Oysters, Spinach, Pumpkin seeds. Mushrooms. Lemon grass. Wasabi, Green peas. Blackberries, Dates, Green tea, Sun dried tomatoes and dates - Zinc

Other good foods - potatoes, eggs, onion, tomatoes, peanuts, walnuts, carrots, salmon, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, oats, banana, raspberries, watermelon, grapefruit. Cucumber - Selenium, B12, Folates & Minerals

Your hair is 91% protein and constructed of 16 amino acids combined with the fact as I said before that hair and nails are the last body parts to receive vital nutrients and at the age of 40 our hair and skin is changing so much we need to take action, to improve its quality. Supplements work by being absorbed into your digestive system providing the essential amino acids the hair requires.

You would need to take a supplement for at least 3 months to really notice and feel a difference, generally 2 per day and they work directly during the íAnagení(growing phase of the hairs natural cycle).

I strongly recommend Hair Jelly protein capsules with their Sulphur rich amino acids, they really do the job and are suitable for vegetarians.

Another contributor I believe is that fact that once we hit 40 we have been taking some sort of contraception for many years. As many as 1 in 5 females are experiencing hair loss or thinning mostly because of taking the pill. We notice extra hair in the shower, in our hair brush, our parting looks wider and pony tails feel thinner. The pill contains Progestin and It can make the hair follicle shrink and lead to thinning. What actually happens is that the birth control pill can causes hair in its growing phase (anagen) to resort to the resting phase (telogen). So it could increase shedding from 15% to as much as 50%. So if your going to continue taking the pill but hate the thinning hair consult your GP and request a conceptive that has a Low Androgen, look after your health and have a good nutrional diet, massage your scalp and invest time into your hair care regime and the loss will subside.

Laura asks:
For over a year now, I have been trying to achieve a medium ash blonde balayage coulor. I started with a red wine shade, that I maintained for years and years. It ended up staining my cuticle, but I would think since I have been going to salon after salon, and none can fix this! it will lighten some, but end up going brassy (after one wash) and the red parts have turned a pinky red! its not a shade Iím happy with. Ive spent around 2500$ seeing multiple "master colourists" and none can do a darker base and beige blonde balayage. The say the can...then under the ash colour comes back a horrible coloured highlight (like goldy) Its driving me absolutely nuts! and not to mention the ever draining bank account. I have an appointment feb 3rd at yet another high end salon. Its my last straw. I have fine curly hair that is quite healthy now, and shoulder length. Basically, I want medium ash on top BEIGE blonde ends. (no colour seeping through) no warm tones, just cool tones.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Its sounds like it has been a nightmare for you!! ...More >

Okay well my first advice is you need to have a gentle bleach bath and clarifying shampoo to make sure there is no possibility of the pinkish tones re occuring.

As I donít know what colour your hair is naturally its difficult for me to suggest the exact shades of colour you need to use.

But once the pink undertones are gone I suggest you ask for a root colour to be a mix of the base level and .1 and .2 this means the tones of the colours applied with be violet and green based so neutralise the possible orange / yellow/ brassy tones. This will need to be mixed with the desired base colour and the correct developer depending how many shades light the roots are compared to your natural colour.

The ends Iím not sure if you want them a lighter blonde with a beige undertone, but if so the bleach bath that was done befiore you started is perfect with a beige blonde colour with 10 vol developer for about 20 mins on the middle and ends of the hair.

You can manage any unwanted tones in between salon vists with colour deposit conditioner in silver if you want to get rid of orange tones and violet if they are more yellow.

Really good luck.

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