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Paige asks:
I dyed my hair black about a 10 months ago and rested it 2 months, However, I want to dye it a medium blue within the next week or so, would I be able to do that or would I have to wait (baring in mind I donít mind if my hair gets damaged just as long as I get the colour outcome I want).

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Firstly Iím not sure what colour the roots are of your hair and they are going to be pretty large if you havenít coloured your hair in 10 months. Secondly you wont make artificial hair colour lighter with colour only bleach or decolourant so in order to get a medium blue you will need to lift out the black colour in your hair to around an orange colour. This will then need to be toned with a blue toner to make sure your Medium blue desired end result is a good long lasting one. ...More >

Then your desired Blue is to be applied, if your roots are natural colour and a dark blond you should be able to apply the blue all over and get a pretty good result. Good luck but feel free to come back for a more accurate formulation by supplying your root colour.

Laura asks:
I have medium/dark brown hair and recently got hidden highlights, they are too bright and I would like to dye them a light brown colour.
I read if you dye blonde highlights using brown dye, they will turn green.
Is this true?

Can you advice the best way to go about achieving medium/dark brown base with light brown highlights?
many thanks

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Laura

No the highlights wonít turn green unless they are white heavy bleach, which they arenít. The best way to do what your after I think is to use colour conditioner, that way you have total control, the longer (max 15 mins) you leave the conditioner on the more colour it will deposit and longer it will last. You can change the tonal colour of your hair this way too in the summer and itís kind to the hair. There are so many great ones and lots of colour choice to choose from. ...More >

Hope that helps.

Aubree asks:
Around mid October I decided to do something with my hair and got some crochet havana twists done. After a while, maybe the end of December, I took them down and deep conditioned my hair. After a day, I went and got box braids done. I still have the box braids now and I will be taking them down this month. However, my birthday is approaching and I do not want to wear my natural hair because I am embarrassed of the length. Would it be safe to get a sew in or would it break my hair off for not giving it a break?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Aubree

Without seeing your hair I canít tell the condition or strength, but what I will say is that itís more of a tension or traction issue I would say to be concerned about, i.e. wearing the hair to tightly braided apply pressure around the hairline etc. so just be mindful of that. As you wonít have used heat I think it will be safe to have a weft sewn in just take care of your scalp. ...More >

Good luck

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