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Liam asks:
Hi basically Iím a 28year old male and I need some advice. My hair has always been short blonde but seems to be going darker in places as I get older. Some people have even referred to it as ginger in some lights. I am now thinking on having it coloured light brown or dark brown, however, many people advise on dying it orange or red first before attempting to dye it brown as being any type of blonde there is no pigment. Would it be possible to get clarification on this?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Liam

Firstly unless your blonde hair isnít natural you donít need to worry about applying or dyeing your hair orange or any other colour first. ...More >

If you want to stay blonde but donít like the ginger in some lights you can control this by using a silver or violet shampoo and conditioner, this will even your hair colour all over but also neutralise the ginger tones.

If you actually want to go darker, remember if your hair is short you will have to colour it every time you have it cut, then just make sure you use dark ash blond or light ash brown this will prevent the ginger undertones (naturally present in blonde hair) from being more obvious. Hope this makes sense.

Kessie asks:
So I want to grow out my bangs, I have straight asian thin hair and a kinda round chubby face I donít know what style would look best please help

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Kessie

I would suggest the easiest and best way to grow them out, is have the hair around your face layered and shaped, usually from the cheek bones is the best place to start. The bangs may not be long enough yet to shape into the layers but within 4-6 weeks they will be and then you can have it re shaped and go from there. Using a protein shampoo is a great way of making your fine hair have a bit more body and volume. Happy growing out!

Raksha asks:
So I have mid length hair and get haircuts once in one and a half months since my hair just splits so easily and gets damaged with heat very easily. So I recently tried a different hairstylist and she just cut it into too many short layers at the crown and then the rest of my hair just didnít have any layering done. So then I waited a month and went back to my trusted hairstylist. He said heíll try and even it out. He used a razor and maintained the same length and I just saw chunks of hair fall down to the floor and I just got so worried. It looks kind of flat now and I feel like my hair has become really thin ! Should I be worried about this?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Raksha Please try not to worry about the effects of the razor cutting, the hair will grow back and it sounded like you needed an extreme hair cut to sort out what the previous hairdresser had done! If you are worried about how your hair is being affected so dramactically with heat, try and use a heat protector before styling, make sure your hair is totally dry and also use tools with temperature control. Believe it or not we can get away with using less heated styling tools if we blowdry our hair more effectively, so that maybe an option too? Good luck

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