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Chloe asks:
Hi, so my natural hair colour is a dark blonde/ light mouse brown, I normally colour it medium browns/ chestnuts but despite this my hair is actually really quite healthy and strong. Its down to my chest and the strands are thinner but there are a ton of them so its thicker than it looks, I also trim the ends really regularly. My roots are at my ears and my sisters wedding is just around the corner so I wanted to get it dyed professionally rather than slapping another brown dye on top and hoping for the best. Because I decided to pay to have it done I wanted to go blonde (honey blonde, nothing too light, similar to the blonde my hair was when I was younger). I went to the salon and showed a photograph of what I was looking for and the stylist told me that to achieve that look I should get highlights and that he would strip out some of the red/ brown dye on the ends. Obviously as I have never gotten it done professionally before I have no frame of reference as to if that would work so I just agreed and let him do his thing. When he finished blow drying it I could see that it wasnít what I wanted, but Iíve gotten dramatic cuts/ colours before and know you donít always love it immediately, so i paid and left. The more I look at it the more upset I get, because my natural roots are duller they look grey brown next to the highlights which look horrible and cheap/stripy. Funnily enough I donít mind the redder colours at the ends but I HAVE to do something about it before the wedding. I donít know what to ask for, or if I should go back to the same stylist or a different one. I donít know if I should get more highlights to get rid of more of the "brown" or if I should be asking to have my hair dyed. Will dying the hair blonde mess with the highlights that are already in? I donít want to endlessly waste money trying to fix this but I do not want to have to live with wedding photographs of this hair forever... please please help, any suggestions are welcome.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Oh poor you Chloe

If I was you I would call the salon and go back not to complain but explain that you are disappointed and can they help and I am sure they will advise and do it for a discounted price. I wouldnít suggest going more blonde at this point but perhaps as you liked the reddish tones have a semi permanent reddish colour over all of the hair, this will make the dull grey brown vibrant and make the highlights look less stripy but still give you an overall multi tonal effect and its not to drastic. Then after the wedding have a big think about what you want to do before trying anything else, semi colour is easy to maintain and means there is a lot less commitment time and financially wise than highlights. ...More >

Good luck and I hope you feel fab for your sisters wedding

Jennifer asks:
Hello, about two months ago I went from my platinum blonde hair to wanting to go back to my natural ash blonde hair. I went to Sallyís beauty salon in Canada and they told me wrong information; I added an ash brown colour straight to my hair and it turned green. Then I went back for correction advice (bad idea) and they told me to add a dark red brown to tone out the green. My mom put a bit too much of the dye on my hair, and it went way too red and became more damaged. I then went to my old high schoolís hair salon, and they added an ash tone to my hair to hide the red. All of these processes happened within a week, and I am upset with myself that I didnít space it out more as my hair became dry and weaker. I have thin fine hair. Now it is two months later, and in inside lighting my hair looks the ashy tone, but outside it is a horrible orange/red auburn colour in the sun and I absolutely hate it. I have so many regrets. Now I am torn between the decision to either dye it a darker brown, or try and get back to my ash blonde or close enough to it, with minimal damage. I dread the idea of having to bleach it, although I feel it wouldnít be too bad if it was stretched out into multiple processes and conditioned thoroughly. I just desperately want this auburn colour gone and an ashy colour as my skin tone is cool, not warm. I really hope you can help me with some advice. It seems the only thing that would gain my full confidence back is a time machine, which is obviously impossible at this time. My mental health has been greatly affected and I just dream of being happy again with myself.
Thank you for your time.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Jennifer

I am so sorry for you, but all is not lost. ...More >

Firstly invest in the best shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and spray leave in protein conditioner. You will need to have a strict hair care regime of using the treatment mask every time you shampoo for 1 month - leave it for 20 mins and cover with a shower cap. Use the conditioner and comb it through before rinsing. The leave in conditioner is also essential as it strengthens the hair and helps even out the porosity so you will get a more even colour result.

Then using something like baby shampoo or washing up liquid wash your hair leave the solution on your hair for 5 mins rinse and repeat. This again will strip out colour and residue but with soap rather than bleach.

Dry your hair off then apply an ash blonde that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your desired result apply to the root area first the spray the protein spray onto the rest of your hair. After 15 mins add 10mls of the protein spray to the left over colour mixture and apply to the rest of your hair. Process for 15 mins. After shampooing and using the treatment etc with luck you should have an even ash blonde result. You can always invest in corrective colour conditioner in violet or silver use this and leave for 5 mins if you still have unwanted warm tones. You can replace the normal conditioner with the coloured one.

If you choose to go brown instead you do the same as above with an ash brown.

Good luck and I hope your feeling confident again soon x x

Sam asks:
I have a pretty big heart shaped head and Iíve always had pretty long and thick hair, Iím thinking of shaving one side of the head but Iím not sure if it will look good, do you have any advice? Iím a male

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Sam

I think itís a great way to have style options as well as to loose some of the thickness and weight. You could perhaps think about having it as a full undercut at a later stage? ...More >


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