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Eliza asks:
Hey! Iím 16 years old and I have a lot of grey hair (possibly genetics) and I dyed my hair a year ago with Henna. It didnít really show but now I want to dye my hair into something new. My natural hair colour is dark brown(almost black); typical Asian hair colour. I want to dye it to a lighter brown and add some caramel/honey highlights to it. I can do the whole process myself through the help of YouTube videos however, I donít know what hair dye to use (for the brown and highlights).

Could you please tell me what brand and type colour would be the best and what do I need to use with it. Also, can you ensure that the colour and other things are purchasable in UK.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Eliza

Its difficult to advise you on exactly what colour to use as I donít know how much grey hair you have. So I am going to make a suggestion for you and keep fingers crossed, try using the New Líoreal Colleur expert express 2 in 1 kit, select 6.1 which is a light brown or dark blonde. If you hair is long you will need 2 kits. Follow the instructions very carefully and you should be fine. ...More >

Good luck

Anita asks:
I am 48, and I had my hair chemically straightened two years ago, which has now damaged my hair. Please can you recommend some haircare products that will help the condition of my hair?

Linton and MacAnswered By:
Linton and Mac
Hi Anita, we recommend that you make an appointment with a hair salon for the LíOrťal Smartbond treatment, which strengthens the keratin bonds within the hair. It gives super results and your stylist can give you a Smartbond conditioner to use at home.

LA asks:
My oldest son has hair that sticks out all over his head. The hair follicles stick straight down into his head rather than being angled. Basically the poor kid constantly looks like he stuck his finger in an electric socket. It is also very thick and slightly coarse. It also dries freakishly fast. Itís the nightmare of all hair really. Even stylists weíve visited in the past have said it. What kind of cut can we get for him that would help him to look good but are easy for a 14 year old boy to maintain?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Poor him, 14yr olds are so self conscious it must be tough! There are a few suggestions I can make, ...More >

- Fish oil supplement omegas are great for the hair and no one really eats enough fish.

- Make sure you are using moisturing shampoo and conditioner, the best quality you can and comb the conditioner through after leaving a for a few minutes and rinsing - this will temporaily soften the cuticle and provide much needed moisture to this hair type.

- Sometimes growing the hair longer, a pain during the growing stage but a good solution as the hair does become more manageable.

- Using a traditional wax is always good as it is oil based, so adds moisture itís also heavy so weights the hair down so does give you an element of control with styling.

- My Son is a hairdresser and he has really difficult hair to manage, sounds similar to your Sons but I thinks it maybe good for him to get a consultation from a young male barber or male hairdresser as they are in touch with what guys of this age really want to achieve

Good luck I really hope this helps

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