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Lisa asks:
I am 25 and would like to know the best hairstyle for my very thick hair, I have a bob at the moment, and donít have much luck growing my hair some hairdressers have advised me to keep my hair short while others say trying to grow my hair would be easier. I have my hair thinned out on a regular basis.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
My advice would to be go for a shorter style obviously depending on your face shape. I certainly wouldnít go any longer than a bob and would suggest some form of layering in your hair to help reduce the thickness.

I would also take a look on the Style Gallery you can always print a few off and take them along when you go for a free consultation with a stylist who can tell what would suit you.

Kimberly asks:
Iíve had blonde hi lites in my hair for a year full head tint 2 years previous to that. My problem is, after returning from Cancun in September my hair was completely white, which was fine except that my roots looked terrible, like black and white hair and because it had been hi lites was really dark underneath at the back as well. I asked my stylist if tint would be a better option and less damage and maintenance than constantly having to cover up what looked like black roots (I was a natural blonde but have got a lot darker over the years and probably very dark blonde or light brown now). The procedure was a disaster, the tint went orange and she put a toner on it but then this made the hi lites ash/grey. After 3 hours I had to leave as it was 8pm at night. Came home and my hair was yellow/orange on top and silvery/grey the rest. Went back to see her after the weekend and she said she would put a toner on the hi lites which should take the ash tone away and all she could do was put a brown tint on the top to mask the yellow/orange. I am totally distraught, look like an old woman and only 30. My hair has gone mousey brown but the hi lites still look grey. It has been 3 weeks and has faded a lot,(been shampooing with a tone correct and reconstructor conditioner. The hi lites look caramel at the top which is ok but the rest is this horrible brown/grey shade and breaking when I dry it. I will go to a professional salon but worried about anyone touching it but cannot bear to look like this anymore. In your professional opinion, can I go blonde at this stage without anymore bleach in my hair. My boyfriend is ready for dumping me as he says I look like my mother! Help!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
OMG!!! you have been put through the ringer girl!!!

First things first, THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if you went to a professional but we are where we are. Or should I say you are. ...More >

Without actually seeing your hair first hand I cannot say with any clarity, yet what I can state is that you should have a strand test taken. This way a sample of your hair is taken and coloured from roots to end. When developed you see the result that you would be paying for.

To stop your boyfriend dumping you and running off with your mum, only kidding, visit a good experienced salon and have a consultation, get good advice, ask about a strand test so you could see the colour result prior to going ahead. This way you will keep in on your head and not on the floor as it beaks off from over processing.

Jimmy asks:
I have very thick hair, and really curly at back and front, my friend told me to get it thinned out but would that mean cutting it off or just thinning out the layers, Iím thinking about growing it just below my ears and trimmed at back to spike it up, and have long fringe at front joined by the sides. What do I do, please can you help me?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It is possible to thin hair without losing your length using various Techniques. Ask for weight removal from the interior shape without losing length from the perimeter shape. It would probably be useful to book a consultation at a reputable salon.

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