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Tetyana Kyselova asks:
Hi, I have bleached my hair a couple of times and now itís in shades of ginger, yellowish and blonde from the top to bottom, from the different times of me bleaching it. I tried to cover this with a semi-permanent hair dye, but it turned out to be lighter at the top and darker at the bottom, so I was wondering if a permanent hair dye would do the same or will I be able to get more less an even hair colour?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Tetyana

Generally hair colour will be always be lighter at the top because of the warmth from the scalp as well as the hair is a new regrowth so processes evenly. The middle and ends of hair tend to be more porous and not as well conditioned so colour grabs and looks darker and sometimes uneven. The best thing to do is once you know what colour you want the end result to be, choose a shade thatís two shades lighter than it. Pop this on clean dry hair and leave for 20mins, shampoo off and apply the desired result on to dry hair and process according to the instructions. This should even up the result, prevent as much fade and should be easily maintained. Do make sure your using a treatment mask on a regular basis too. Good luck, Kala ...More >

Ella asks:
Hi, I am unsure how i should go about using box dye in graphite grey on my hair state.

I naturally have mousy mid brown hair. I have had highlights done around about 5 times over 2 years but wanted to go a dark ash blond. my hair has resulted in brassy tones from going to the salon twice, Iíve tried semi permanent storm grey dye to cancel out these tones as purple shampoo does nothing, the semi dye worked on my blonde highlights which were yellowish but on the darker orangier parts it didnít work.

I was wondering if permanent graphite grey dye would get the brass out of my hair from roots to tip. would it also completely darken my blonde bits.

If I use the dye how would it fade as it contains ammonia and can I keep putting the semi grey dye over top to maintain the cool tones? Iím not that educated in dye, but does ammonia always result in brassiness over time from washing hair? if this method is wrong how would you recommend toning brass in brown hair without going to a salon.

feedback would be great.

Thank you.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Ella

Okay I think the easiest solution is to get the orange highlights lifted first, then use the semi graphite as and when needed. This way you have total control and no worries about regrowth or unwanted warm tones being created. Ammonia activates and accelerates the colour to lift so it only creates brassiness if the underlying tone of the hairs natural colour is counteracted effectively. ...More >

Thanks, Kala

Catalina asks:

I am thinking of using at home LíOreal DiaRichesse 50ml - 4.8 which I had done in a salon and I liked it, but canít afford to go this time. What developer would I need to buy?

Probably something in a small bottle as this is probably just a one off. Do I need something else?

Thank you very much!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Catalina

3% / 10 vol should be perfect, unless your trying to cover grey then its 6% / 20 vol. ...More >

Thank you


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