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Courtney asks:
Hi Courtney

Other than a medication I canít think of any other reason that the colour wouldnít take! I have 1 suggestion is to shampoo your hair with a deep cleansing or clarifying shampoo, donít agitate the scalp too much. Rinse but do not condition the hair, comb through gently and dry off the hair until its completely dry.

When you mix the colour mix 2 parts colour to 1 part developer, this allows a more solid colour deposit. Add 10 mins to the usual processing time and keep your fingers crossed. Really good luck

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
y natural hair wonít take colour. Help!

When I was younger, I undertook a hairdressing apprenticeship, but after finishing I decided it wasnít for me. During this time and still until this day, I love experimenting and changing up the colour of my hair. However, there is a problem I face, my natural hair doesnít take to colour. ...More >

My natural colour is red (more of a strawberry blonde as Iíve gotten older). This can be a problem when I decide to colour my hair, which is quite regular. When I have regrowth come through, I canít just have the base colour put on my roots, I have to have them bleached, and then a base colour on the top (note: I have tried many professional salon colours, along with different peroxides and time lengths, none have worked). When salons, including the ones I worked for just put a base colour on, it would wash out after 2 washes (so it would last a week, maximum). But, when my hair is bleached, the colour holds perfectly, but Iím getting tired of bleaching my roots all the time as itís not healthy for my hair for a prolonged period of time. I also desire to achieve long hair, which when using bleach all the time I wonít be able to achieve.

Can anyone suggest a colour formula that may help? Or tell me why my hair wonít take to colour?

Ana asks:
Hello, I have dark brown hair natural and dyed because of my grey. I wanted to get a nice dark grey look, so I bleached my hair and it got orange. I dyed it with Wella dark intense ash blonde and volume 30, and it still went orange. So when my roots grew a little, I tried re-dying again with same colour and added almost 4 capfuls of cooling violet 050. It still went orange. I now want to go back dark and I donít want to damage my hair any more, but I still want the ash tones. I was thinking to colour with volume 10 and mix the colours 1 part 5AA light brown intense ash and 1/2 a bottle of cooling violet. My question is, how light would the cooling violet make the colour and should I use dark ash brown instead to get the light, because I know the volume 10 will leave the hair colour dark. Any advice on how these colours would mix? And what would be the best way? Iíve added a picture for you to see my natural hair and the insert where my face is a model with the hair colour I want similar and darker is fine with me. Thank you for your help and time.

Best Regards,


Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Anna

Your suggested formula of 10 vol with equal parts 5AA light brown intense ash will work, the addition of cooling violet with neutralize additional warmth but wonít alter the depth of the colour. I suggest apply to clean dry hair, if you donít have the cool look you require then use violet conditioner to rid of the unwanted tones and maintain the desired cool result.

Grace asks:
I previously had light grey/blue ish hair but had to dye back brown to give my hair a break but now the brown is far to dark. What can I do to lighten it?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Grace

I think the best think to do is use deep cleansing shampoo leave it on for 15 mins rinse and repeat. This will remove the residue and it will immediately look lighter. The other options are to have the colour stripped out a shade or 2 or have some fine highlights to give an overall lighter look? ...More >

Good luck

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