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Diana Sarah asks:
Hi, so I have medium length hair and it is very very fine and thin! But I have this problem, where all of my hair isnít the same length, and from the middle of my hair to the very bottom, it all parts in sections, and gets like stringy (Not split ends), even when I go for a haircut, the ends will end up going like this again the next day. Even when I straighten it, it goes back like this. I can never wear my hair down nicely anymore. Is there anything I can do to stop this problem? It makes me have to brush my hair constantly and I know that is very bad for my hair.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Diana

I not sure exactly what this could be but Iím guessing its breakage from brushing and wear and tear on the most vulnerable section of your hair. I suggest you use a small pure bristle brush, have the length of your hair cut a bit shorter, and invest in the best possible protein shampoo and protein leave in conditioner and treatment. It will improve over time. ...More >

Good luck

Kerry asks:
Hi there. I would just like to know if there is such a thing as "permanent purple/red etc." hair dye?? I have always been under the impression that the bright colours always fade faster until someone challenged me on recently and as pretty adamant I was wrong. I really donít think my hairdresser is going to lie to me. I have been going to her for years.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Kerry

I have to sit on the fence on this one as there are permanent version of red and purple that are amazing and they do last so much longer than they ever did. I believe its to do with the types of dye pigments, but also that there are better shampoo and conditioners that help with the longevity, condition as well as act like top up maintenance. The secret is to make sure you have pre lightened your base colour to the correct undertone to hold the red or purple first, think of it like base coat or undercoat itís the complimenting tone so when it does fade its less obvious. ...More >

I do hope this helps?

Colleen asks:
Hi, My natural hair colour is mousy brown. I have a cool skin tone and I am pretty fair skinned. Iím looking to get a balayage done with blonde highlights. Would ash blonde look nice or would it not suit my skin tone? The colour my hairdressers normally put in my hair is caramel highlights but Iím not too keen on the orange hue it gives my hair.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
I think it sounds perfect Colleen, you can always use a silver conditioner at home to maintain the ash highlights afterwards and well as neutralize the unwanted warm tones of the caramel lights.

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