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Lauren asks:
I have a couple of questions to ask as I canít find reliable answers online. 1. Iíve heard that you can add mousse to the roots of dry hair to add volume, will this make the hair greasy? If not, whatís the best way to use it? 2. Is texturing spray the same sort of thing as ísea salt sprayí? If not, what is it? 3. I have naturally curly hair (the curls are not too tight but they do ringlet) & I have GHD sea salt spray. Will this help add a thickness to my hair? and if so, whatís the best way for me to use this product to create thick, curls?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Ok firstly applying mousse to dry hair can make the hair at the roots greasy so I would apply it to damp towel dried hair.

Texturising spay and sea salt sprays are very similar. They both will create a textured casual look and the best way to apply it is the same as above but try to let the hair dry as naturally as possible.

Gemma asks:
I am getting married next May and donít know what to do with my very fine hair I was thinking of getting extensions but had them before and as my hair is so fine you could see the glue through my hair, and to put my hair up I donít have enough hair to get a fab up do can you help please as I have no idea what to do, I also have a veil and small tiara.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Congrats on getting married. Ok, a few ideas...

If you are fair haired you could go a bit darker to give the illusion your hair is thicker. Getting some movement and texture in the hair is helpful. Be careful that your veil and tiara arenít too heavy. ...More >

Have a few trials to make sure you feel confident with your hairdresser and take pictures. If it is loosely put up then the hair piece can be introduced into the top and blended in.

Good luck!

Paula asks:
I have naturally curly hair but generally straighten it, I would love to style it more textured and wavy but I canít seem to get it right, if I donít straighten it first it is too curly and frizzy to tame down but once straightened is too flat any suggestions on the best way to style it.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I think this is a case of using the right product to help tame the curl and frizz. The best product for this would be Sebastian potion 9 which is a leave in conditioner. Wash your hair as normal with a shampoo specifically for curly hair, towel dry until the hair is damp and then apply a 10p sized amount of the potion 9 through the middle lengths and ends of the hair.

As far as styling your hair is concerned try drying using a diffuser on the end of your dryer and put the speed on slow and the temperature on medium to cool and gently

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