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Nat asks:
Hi there, I am looking to dye my hair from blonde to brown/reddy brown but I am really unsure whether or not it will suit me. I have dyed my hair a range of colours from bright red to platinum blonde, but I feel like that was when I was a little younger and now Iím looking for a drastic but classy change... what is the best way of going about working out what shades and colours will suit me?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Nat

I would suggest as its so dramatic perhaps do something in between first so maybe dark blonde (light brown) first so you have the flexibility to go lighter again easily. Otherwise lowlights are a good idea as they add depth and give you an idea before you do the whole head. Really good luck, Kala

Iveta asks:
I had healthy and shiny hair many years ago, but I started flat ironing my hair from 4 years and I also havenít been to a hairdresser for a trim in years... the half of my hair is split ends, thin ends.. And my whole hair became so much thinner , I noticed that with every next year my hair becomes thinner and thinner. I have naturally curly hair, 18" armpit length but my ends are already uneven and I donít know how it would be possible to style it, and I also donít want a short hair.. Is it possible for my hair to get healthier again somehow? Because Iím so desperate and insecure about my hair..

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Iveta

Hair is like fabric and everything you do to it takes it toll on it, think of your favourite black t shirt how it loses elasticity and fades so much over a period of a year. Thatís what happens to our hair. I would get a few inches cut of your hair and then start doing a regular treatment mask, just once a week, that way you will remove the worst of the dry, damaged and split hair and be able to recondition and allow the natural movement back into your hair. Then when you see it has life in it again you can experiment with different styling tools in order to change up the style but always remembering to have a trim every 3 months and use a treatment mask as prevention is always easier than a cure. ...More >

Good luck x

Olivia asks:
Iíve got short hair (normally dark brown) but Iíve been dying it with a permanent red for years but I now have a lot of white/grey hair and I really want to change the colour to white/grey trend that is currently in. My hairdresser has informed me that I can stripe the colour but will have to grow the remainder out before bleaching and then colouring to change to grey/white. Iím more than happy to do this but is there anything I can do in the íin-betweení stage so that it doesnít look awful - I thought perhaps of using a semi-permanent colour nearer the colour of my natural hair but would this cause a further delay to me getting my final colour.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Olivia

As your hair is short I would be inclined to either have a full head of highlights and then use a semi to give you an in between look or have the colour stripper, go a bit shorter and have the bleach and toner straight away. ...More >

Good luck

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