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Hollie Wilsher asks:
Hi, so I am 15 years old and I have very thick and frizzy hair. I shampoo and condition about twice a week. When I go to the hairdressers, they blow-dry my hair and it comes out lovely and it stays straight for about a week. I never blow-dry my hair home because I know what its like and is just a waste of time but tonight I did blow-dry it and it went very thick and very frizzy leaving me no choice to straighten it afterwards. Even when I straighten it, the following day it is extremely frizzy again and not straight at all. When I just leave my hair to dry on its own, it goes into beach waves but again, very frizzy. I have tried everything, cheap shampoo, very expensive shampoo, shampoo for frizzy hair, serum for frizzy hair, hairspray for frizzy hair, EVERYTHING and nothing works. I dry my hair with a brush, like they do in the hairdressers, hoping it may go straight like it does there but IT DOESNíT. I donít know what else to do and it stresses me out so much, please help!!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Hollie

I have very similar hair, so I hear your pain. There is not one quick answer iím afraid, but a chemical smoothing treatment has been a life saver for me and I think there are lots on the market now that mean its more competitive price wise. Using a moisturising shampoo conditioner as well as a weekly treat is essential, always comb the conditioner through before rinsing. Apply an argan type oil to the middle, lengths and ends of your hair and again comb through. If you are going to blow-dry your hair make sure you start from about 40% dry have a large round ceramic brush as well as a paddle brush and blow-dry your hair in sections on a medium heat and medium speed. The more time you take blow-drying the better the result as well as the longevity of it. Finish with the argan oil too and re apply throughout the day. Always use a pure bristle brush during the day and before bed to encourage natural moisture for the scalp and I use a silk cap on my head at night as it creates less friction. ...More >

Really good luck x x

Moyra asks:
Hi there, my problem is quite.. specific. I tried to grow my hair out from a pixie for about a year. In that time it managed to just reach below my chin (with many trims in between.) Recently I had to cut it back to my ears again. My mum is a hair dresser and said my hair was just too thin and too frazzled to continue growing it. My issue is where to go from here.. I could keep trying to grow it out but my hair is naturally wavy and without using straighteners it gets into a bit of mess if I just leave it to its own devices. But we reckon it got to the state it was because I had to straighten it to keep it presentable. So to grow it and not have a repeat of last time.. I canít use heat styling. But my work requires (itís even in the contract) that our hair is íflatteringí and weíre not allowed to use things like headbands, bandannas or scarves. Iím at a little bit of a loss. Do you have any tips for growing out short hair but keeping it manageable without heat? Or should I bite the bullet and go back to a very short pixie (itís not that I didnít like it.. But I used to have medium length hair and miss the things I could do with it)? Iím sorry for the essay. To be honest, I have quite terrible self esteem and get stressed over these decisions quite easily.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Moyra

I would try and persevere, invest in the best shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask you can and have a disciplined routine of treating your hair weekly. This will really help, next is blow-dry your hair with a small amount of argan oil thatís been combed through to evenly distribute and dry your hair on a medium heat, medium speed in small sections. I know this all takes time but it will be worth it. If you then need a little more help smoothing try a couple of heated rollers or a straightening iron which has a temperature control, use on about 150 degrees centigrade as this is nice and gentle but will help control your hair. I can even curl my very frizzy hair on that temp. ...More >

Happy growing x x

Cece Harris asks:
I am in my early 50ís (female) with blonde and grey hair. I swim almost daily in an outdoor saltwater pool and have been doing this since April. I have very fine, limp hair and it has thinned some as I have gotten older. My hair is .

I keep my hair cut short.

I shampoo every time I swim. I am conditioning more since my hair has become more dry. Before I swam so often, if I used conditioner, it would weigh my hair down.

Can you recommend a certain shampoo / conditioner / treatment that I can get in the USA?

Thank you for your help.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Ce ce

Well done you sounds amazing swimming in salt water everyday! ...More >

A clarifying shampoo is best as that removes all the salt and mineral deposit build up in the hair, regular shampoo is not able to do thatís why it feels dry. I suggest a spray leave in protein (clear in colour not opaque) conditioner as they are practically weightless but do close the cuticle, protect and moisturize. Most brands available now on the high-street are great it is a little trial and error., but professional salon brands are always my first recommendation.

Take care

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