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Olivia asks:
My mum was bleached blonde and had been for years... her hair started breaking so needed a change.

The idea was to stay as blonde as possible with a really light brown colour as a base, the hairdresser applied a dark brown permanent colour and foiled some blondes into the hair, it looks dreadful, would we strip the hair now and then apply a light brown dye over the top?? Please help!!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Olivia

The best thing to do first as the dark brown colour will fade very quickly to a much lighter brown is to keep shampooing it as much as possible with a deep cleanse or clarifying shampoo. This will blend the highlights and give an overall lighter look to the hair and a true base where you can decide what to do next for the best. I would suggest brown or blonde shampoo and conditioner as they gives your mum flexibility.

Amy asks:
Hiya I naturally have dark hair and after having it dyed platinum blonde a few times and the wrong colour being put on and various other problems caused by the stylist I have decided to grow the blond out so I can try to get it into and ombre effect I want to match my natural colour as much ands possible and possibly go a grey colour at the ends is there anyway possible I could do this and what would you recommend to do /ask for thanks for any help x

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Amy

If you want to colour you hair back to its natural level and that is more than 2 shades darker than you currently are you need to do something called pre pigment. Once you know what level your natural colour is you can use the chart above to help select the correct semi permanent colour to create the underlying tone required to support the end result. The reason for underlying tone is to prevent fade and help achieve a more natural, true result. ...More >

I would apply the semi to the middle and lengths of the hair missing out the platinum ends as that way you can immediately apply the grey and create the ombre effect. You can apply conditioner to the ends to stop the semi colouring the ends at all.

After processing the semi colour, shampoo and dry your hair before you apply the desired natural level, again leaving out the ends. Apply graphite semi to the ends and process according to the instructions.

You then should have achieved the natural colour with ombre effect, it will probably need a refresh monthly for a couple of months.

Hope this helps

Todd Grantham asks:
Hiya there,

Iím one of those people who has naturally very curly hair and has had to embrace it as Iíve grown older, the problem with my hair is that its such tight spiral curls and Iíve always wanted loose curls/wavy kind of hair to look just like Matty Healy of The 1975.. Iíd like to know how I can get my hair to change to a looser texture and to look like Mattyís.. Iíve read about relaxers and keratin and so on but as Iíve no idea, Iím unsure of the best route to go down and best advice. Please help!

Cheers, Todd

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Todd

Relaxing is definitely the way to go, visit a couple of different salons for advice as pricing and frequency of the service may differ. I think you would get away with 2 x treatments in the first year 1 to relax the roots and loosen your curl and then (2) again to loosen the curl further if required. ...More >

After that 1 x per year, maybe not even as often as that as hair grows from the top so itís the roots that need doing. Use moisturising shampoo, conditioner as well as weekly treatment masks to maximize your hair staying soft and supple. Always comb the conditioner and mask through and use a serum or oil to control unwanted frizz.

Good luck x

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