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Mida asks:
Hello! I have dyed my hair black since I was 18 and now Iím 24. Now I am trying to give any shade to my hair and they looks between black and brown black. I would like a graphite shade without using colour remover and Iím thinking by mixing brown black and dark grey but not sure if itís a correct mix. Can you give me any advise please?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Mida

If I was you I would shampoo your hair with high detergent shampoo leave it on for 15 mins rinse and repeat, this will remove some colour build up and encourage the black to fade. Or have a few highlights so that the graphite is more visable. You donít say what colour your natural hair colour is but unless your blonde I would just use one of the great permanent Graphite colour available on the roots and semi permanent graphite on the ends. If you are blonde apply a light brown base to the roots and use then semi permanent graphite all over. ...More >

Hope this makes sense

Manshi yadav asks:
Hlw sir, sir actually recently I made my hairs chemically straight from a normal parlour near me and after a week I have done hair highlights but now the condition of my hairs are really bad specially the ends of hair are really week and dry though when I use to do hair straight from my iron at home at that time my hairs were really good and healthy and shiny but after treatment the result was very bad so I went to the parlour again he did the treatment again but again my hairs got a very weak and bad texture and now I am using the hair masque and shampoo of matrix and I am really concern about my hairs sir please help me out what should i do to make my hairs healthy and smooth again please help me out sir I really need your help.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Manshi, You are doing the right thing by using the professional shampoo, conditioner and treatments from Matrix. I suggest you have a trim and donít have any more colour or chemical straightening until your hair has recovered. Please continue to use the professional hair care.

Rachael asks:
Over the last couple of years my hair has changed texture (as my hairdresser put it.)I think itís down to the menopause. Iím sure itís thinner too, thereís a lot of hair in the plughole! Having said that I have gone from lots of brushing to try and distribute natural oils (my hair just frizzed and grew big) to rarely brushing now.. I used to wash and go, literally, never having the need to blow dry it as it would look alright naturally. Now some of my hair seems to be curly whilst the majority remains straight. I canít work out if it is dry or frizzy but I know it looks awful. If I use an intensive moisturiser it feels better and has some movement it also looks better but still not great. I recently tried a frizz shampoo but that left my hair feeling claggy and by the third use it had turned it into a massive frizz ball at the back that didnít even look like it was wet! I only wash my hair twice a week now, I hoped the natural oils would help but thereís been no difference. Iíve tried coconut oil which didnít do much. I do dye my hair and have moved from a semi to Olia permanent to cover the grey but I try to leave it as long as possible between colours thinking this will help. Although not formally diagnosed with dysmorphia it definitely wasnít dismissed by my counsellor and my hair is a large part of that, visits to the hairdresser are quite difficult and this latest development with my hair is really affecting me. Thereís such a myriad of products out there I donít know what to choose anymore and my bathroom is littered with products I have tried. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Rachael

I feel your pain, letís start from the top. Please see the following list as things to try, it will work I know that for sure but itís all about getting the combination exactly right. I am convinced that within 30 dayís you will be noticing great improvements. ...More >

- Look at your diet firstly and try and add as many of the foods I suggest above into your diet

- Consider taking a supplement, these sometimes are a bit expensive long term but can really help kick start the process of having healthy hair, you can always reduce them to a couple of days a week after taking for 3 months

- Invest in the best professional shampoo and conditioner you can afford, I am a big fan of the Joico, Nioxin and Redken brands. I suggest you go for a balancing shampoo and conditioner and buy a high street moisturing mask or make your own like I suggest above.

- Use the moisture mask 2 times per week leave for 10 mins, comb through and rinse, then use conditioner comb through leave for 1 minute and then rinse.

- Apply a small amount of an argan oil, I like Moroccan oil best comb it through and dry your hair on a medium heat and medium speed with the hairdryer.

- Make sure your hairdryer is ionic

- You may want to use a straightening iron but it must be one with a temperature control and then you are able to help smooth the hair but not applying to much heat and drying the hair out

There are so many things that effect our hair and skin but doing all of the above its will be smoother, feel softer and hopefully feel less fine or thin in the root area.

Really good luck and feel free to ask for further advice, Kala x

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