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Whitney asks:
My hair is past my butt. Iíve always had it this way and I donít really want to cut it. But Iíve always wanted it to be curly or at least have some big waves or voluminous curls, like in some of the pictures below, because my face is round with chubby cheeks and doesnít look good with straight, flat hair.

I really donít want to use heat though because I donít want to damage my hair. Iíve tried hairsprays and overnight heatless curls and some styling gel. Rarely it will work, but I think my hair is just too heavy to want to cooperate. Will I really have to use heat if I want to have some curls and volume?

Thank you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Whitney

Heat styling tools are okay to use as long as they have temperature control, itís always best to clip up the hair after you have curled each section as this way it allows the hair to cool down, heat creates shape and cool fixes so itís important to let the hair cool as it prevents the hair dropping. Always section your hair before curling and try and make the sections even so then you have a more consistent curl. ...More >

Have a bash with a few tools that are refundable and Iím sure you will find one that gives you a result you will love.

Sal asks:
Thank you Kala Kilshaw for the amazing and helpful advice. Do you think you can recommend any good menís products for the treatment and what to use to grow nice silky long hair and preventing frizzy curly hair?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Sal You are so welcome, I didnít recommend Menís products as I feel the moisture content and the more specific products you need feature more in lines that are professional brands designed for Men and Women. my favourites are probably Redken and Joico, stocked online as well as professional salons. Pop into a salon and they will help ypu with exactly which products are best as they can see and touch your hair. Styling wise I love a traditional wax they add weight my favourite is Dax, take effort to remove it from your hair but will help control frizz and allow you to shape your hair whilst growing it. Good luck

Patricia asks:
Hi there.My hair is fine straight and I have loads. My hair falls flat without lots of layers to give it height and is full of kinks and licks. I lost a lot of hair due to a drug I was on and it has grown back well. My hair is a chin length bob but would love something different, it was strawberry blonde but my current hairdresser has dyed it brunette with blonde highlights but it is too dark even though I have brown eyes.Have you any suggestions?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Iím so pleased your hair has grown back so well, I think you should have a choppy layered bob, tapered right into the neck with some honey and caramel slices to totally lift your look. Really good luck x

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