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Tania asks:
Hello. I am naturally very pale skinned with hazel eyes and brown hair that has a slight red hue, probably something to do with my Celtic roots! As Iím getting older this really doesnít suit me anymore. However my rather expensive salon canít get my hair to stay any sort of ashy colour... brown or blonde. It just warms up after a couple of weeks despite using toners. Please help, Iím at my witís end! Thank you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Tania

I have the same issue, it becomes easier as we go grey, thatís something to look forward too!!! My suggestion is ask the stylist to work on the natural base of your hair, use double the amount of ash than normal in the formula, reduce the developer quantity (this makes the formula thicker and so leaves a stronger deposit) and process for 10 mins longer than usual. This normally does work, make sure you are using a gentle professional colour safe shampoo and perhaps an ash conditioner at home as well as this way you can control unwanted warm tones as you like? ...More >

There are colour formulas especially for covering resistant grey hair and in my experience these ash formula are great at not just covering grey but adding the extra tonal deposit we need. They are commonly called 00 or NN.

I hope this helps

Emma asks:
Hi I have had permanent purple hair dye for about 18 months and re-dyed with the same colour about every 2-3 months until 5 months ago but now I would like to get the purple out of my hair and go back to my natural hair colour is there anything I can do to remove the purple or do I just need to wait for it to grow out?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Emma and happy new year to you.

You donít say what colour you are naturally so I suggest a couple of options. ...More >

Use a clarifying shampoo or high detergent content shampoo on the purple hair leave a few minutes and rinse and repeat a few time this should remove some of the purple. It will make your hair feel horrible but that can be resolved with treatment masks and conditioner after the whole colour process is complete not before as it will possibly prevent a good even result.

You can then apply a semi permanent colour to tone and blend the remaining purple away and blend with your natural colour, you may not even need to apply near the root area just the ends and then 10 mins before the processing time is up work it through the whole of your hair. This will work best if you are trying to get back to a dark blonde colour or lighter. Just choose a warm based blonde as this will neutralize the remaining purple tones.

I hope this makes some sense and good luck?

Fernanda asks:

My name is Fernanda and Iím getting married in April. I currently have a balayage on my hair that is about 8 months- 1 year old.

I would like to get it dyed again for my wedding and I wanted to do it with a new hairdresser who is an expert in balayage. I know this is risky but I want to give her a shot!

Should I get it dyed with her now and get a touch up a couple of weeks before the wedding? Or risk it and just get it dyed for the first time two weeks before the wedding?

Thank you! Fernanda

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Fernanda happy new year and congratulations on the wedding!

I would make an appointment with the new expert stylist and see what she suggests as you donít say how long it is till the wedding. I think you should have it done now and then you can add extra colour if you feel the need to just before the wedding so that its perfect and exactly as you imagined. Good luck

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