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Magdalene asks:
I tried doing highlights for my black hair but did not like the way it came out. So went back for global hair colour (deep purple), to get back a black shade. This too was a failure because the hair salon did not do it well and my hair turned light brown. They did a black colour over it. Now my hair is black, but its changing after every wash, turning brown. How long will that brown stay? Will I get back my true hair colour?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Magdalene
Iím afraid the previously highlighted sections will need to grow out so it will take sometime and you will need to keep re colouring your hair as they will be visible. The good thing is that there are some fabulous semi colours that you can apply that will tone and blend the highlights and are very conditioning so I would advise you to apply one every other month. Good luck

Bethia asks:
Hello, basically Iíve always had thick hair but unfortunately Iíve never really taken good care of it. i.e. drying it without heat protection, putting box dyeís on it, brushing it harshly etc; but for a while now Iíve been trying to look after it better. I leave it to dry as much as possible, have returned to my natural colour so that Iím not constantly touching up my roots, use conditioners and masks (something I never did before) but I find Iím losing a lot when I wash it. I get about half a palm full of hair fall and then during the day if I brush or run my fingers through it, more strands come out. Although it still seems thick in comparison to some people I know, I can tell that it is thinner than it used to be. Is that amount of hair fall normal?

Anabel KingsleyAnswered By:
Anabel Kingsley
The problem with prevention is that people lose at least 15% of the volume of their hair before they even realize it. However, do not despair. A lot can be done to prevent further deterioration Ė and depending on the cause, to improve existing hair volume. Firstly, blood tests should be carried out to rule out any underlying possible causes. Diet and lifestyle should also be looked at, as both can contribute to hair thinning.

Itís important to use an all-encompassing holistic approach when treating hair thinning. To help guard your follicles from the damaging effect that male hormones can have, apply anti-androgenic scalp drops to the front, top and crown of your scalp daily, such as Philip Kingsley Tricho 7. To minimize stress levels, try yoga, Pilates and/or meditation. To support hair growth from within, bolster your ferritin and nutrient levels with multi-vitamins containing iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Niacin and Biotin, at Philip Kingsley, we make a nutritional supplement called Tricho Complex. To improve the integrity and strength of the hair and reduce breakage, use a volumizing protein spray, such as our Tricho Pro Volumizing Protein Spray, on a daily basis.

Barbara asks:
I am going to be putting high lift foils onto a dark brown natural base colour. What is the best way of getting no lines?

Iíve been told that after foiling you paint something on the rest of the hair but Iíve never seen this before

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Barbara

Itís always difficult foiling dark hair with light colours without having any obvious demarcation line. I suggest that 15 minutes before the processing time is up you blend the colour over the foil line so that a small amount of lightening occurs, hence reducing the obvious demarcation. Good luck

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