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rosemarie asks:
I would like to have a professional advice as to the best colour length, etc. for my hair. I have gone to many stylist praying one will have the skill needed but to date have had no luck. I am 62 years of age and by day a juvenile probation officer and by the end of the week worn and tattered. Just looking for a lift to keep me on this mission smiling.
Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

Jez BarnettAnswered By:
Jez Barnett
I suggest having a consultation in as many salons as necessary until you find the hairdresser who understands your needs and suggests a look that excites you. Although long hair that can be tied up can be convenient with your job, it will take more work and if your time is short and energy low at the end of the week, then something a bit shorter, above shoulders, maybe just the tonic. A quick, easy to manage hairstyle can do wonders to make us fill refreshed and ready to face the world.

Valerie asks:
Recently I used Splat midnight hair dye at home without bleaching my naturally medium brown hair and I liked the result, but was immediately told by someone after that Splat is super hard to get out. Donít know if that is something Iíll want to do in the future, but is it true? Is there a way to go about removing the dye easily?

Jez BarnettAnswered By:
Jez Barnett
Hi Valerie
Iím not an expert on that brand, but as itís just one colour (not a 2 part colour that has to be mixed together)​ and itís been applied to medium brown hair, then it is likely to fade from your hair completely.
The length of time it will last will depend on your condition, the healthier your hair is the longer it is likely to last, but that will also depend on how often you shampoo and the shampoo you use. I would always advise colour saver shampoos bought from a salon, they may cost a bit more, but the investment is worth it both in terms of colour longevity and health of hair. The advice you had may be more relevant with pre-lightened hair where the larger blue pigment can be difficult to remove due to the porosity of the hair, even though it can lose its intensity quite quickly.​

Tammie asks:
Iím 45 and have been blonde for years. I want a change, I have long very thick hair so itís always costly to go to my salon regularly. I am going on vacation in 3 weeks and want a change; would even go short. Hubby of 20 years says go back to brown my natural colour. Please help. Are there any apps or anything out there to help me decide?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Wow Tammie
How exciting, I am not aware of any apps available Iím afraid, but I would suggest perhaps applying a colour a few shades darker than what you currently are, have you hair cut a few inches and perhaps add a fringe. See how you get on and then you have the options of layers as well as controlling the colour with colour shampoo and conditioners before going any darker. Enjoy your vacation.

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