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Jess asks:
How do I get my naturally curly hair back after nearly ten years of straightening it every other day?

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
The good news is that the extent to which your hair curls is determined by genetics and the curl is formed within the individual hair follicles, so continuously subjecting your existing hair to heated straightening cannot technically reduce the amount of curl within the hair on a permanent basis. As new hair grows from the follicle, it should return to its naturally curly shape. If, however, you have noticed that the amount of curl in your existing hair has lessened due to repeated use of straightening irons, it is likely that the hair has become heat damaged, and so is behaving in a less manageable way. As you cut back on your use of straightening irons, your hairís health should improve, but itís a good idea to start incorporating some hair health-boosting habits into your routine, to restore manageability, encourage new hair growth and boost your hairís integrity. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, and visit your hairdresser once every six weeks for a trim and a professional deep conditioning treatment. Kťrastaseís In-Salon Rituals are ideal for improving your hairís health over time, as they can be tailor-made to your hairís needs each time. When you switch from straightening your curly hair to embracing your natural bounce, you need to start using different products and should embrace a different haircare regime. After years of straightening your hair and fighting your natural curl, you will need to learn how to encourage your natural curls, while at the same time fighting frizz. Products designed to boost body, reduce frizz, enhance curls and create shine in naturally curly hair should be at the top of your shopping list. I would start with a gentle shampoo, a deeply nourishing conditioner, a lightweight, but hard-working, serum and a body-boosting mousse, ideally from a range that is designed for curly hair. Also consider how frequently you wash your hair, as over-washing curly hair can strip away natural oils that are essential to maintaining curly hairís shine and its ability to stay free from frizz. A co-washing product such as Kťrastase Cleansing Conditioner Curl Ideal (£31.70) is something that I often recommend to my curly-haired clients. The way you style your hair will also need to change Ė I would recommend leaving your hair to dry naturally, to avoid any further heat damage. After washing, smooth a leave-in conditioning spray or serum through the mid-lengths and ends, and comb through. Add a little volume-boosting mousse through the roots and ends, while hair is still damp, but then avoid any further combing or brushing, which can cause the hair to frizz. Your cut and style will also determine the amount your hair curls: for example, hair with more layers cut into it has more of a tendency to curl than hair that is one-length, which sits heavier and can cause curls to drop. Speak to your hairdresser to work out the best cut for your hair, that will not only encourage your natural waves, but will also suit your face shape, your hairís texture and thickness, your personality and the level of maintenance youíre able to commit to.

Rebecca asks:
I have been told to tone my hair with a 7.1 & a 10 vol 3% creme peroxide, however, this has come up a lot darker then my roots and I think I am supposed to use an 8.1. If I put an 8.1 with the the 10 vol over the 7.1 will my hair go orange?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Rebecca, I would shampoo your hair with a high detergent shampoo a few times leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing. This will lift out as much of the 7.1 as possible as the 8.1 wonít be able to lift through the old colour and 10 vol 3% canít lift only deposit. Once you have shampooed as much of the 7.1 out as possible I would apply a 9.1 with 10 vol and this way it wonít make the hair darker at all but will cool the natural tone down. Good luck

Maia asks:
Hi, I recently went into a salon for a spiral perm (looking for the traditional type of spiral perm NOT a bodywave, or beachwave type thing). My hair was set into foam bendy curlers and then the perming solution was tipped over my hair (As I was resting above a sink), this was left on for 20 minutes, then two other solutions were put on my hair. Once the processing was finished she took it out the curlers and brushed it vigerously with one of those detangling brushes and blow-dried it, it was looking really really straight at this point which had me worried, she then put mousse and some other products on it and curled it with a curling wand and backcombed sections... I thought this was really odd but the after effect was exactly what I wanted and went home pleased. I waited four days before washing it, I barely touched it, didnít pull the curls and slept on a silk pillowcase, i didnít put my hair up or so anything to it at all. Now I have washed it and my hair is slightly wavy, as if I had slept in a plait, certainly NOT the spiral perm I was after... is this normal?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Maia, The bit that sounds odd is the need to use a curling wand after the perm! After the 20 minutes processing time of the first lotion was your hair rinsed for about 5 to 10 mins before the next lotion was applied? I suggest you try shampooing and conditioning your hair, applying mousse or a curling lotion, comb through with a wide tooth comb Ė leave for 30 minutes to start drying naturally whilst softly scrunching with your hands every now and then. If you donít see any real curl formation, trying using a diffuser on your hairdryer Ė medium heat medium or slow speed with your head upside down. Let your hair sit in the diffuser until its dry, donít touch or move it around, once dry all over if you donít have curls I suggest you go to the salon and explain everything you have done. And that you are disappointed and would like it redone.

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