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JANE asks:
I am desperate for an expert advice. I have thin hair because my last hairstylist "texturized" my hair which i really hate! I like my hair with volume and thickness. Anyway my hair right now is medium cut but I donít think it suits me . I have LONG FACE AND SQUARE JAW and I donít know what to do! I am thinking of getting a one length hair style like a bob cut but I am not sure, can you please help ?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Hi Jane, The beauty of hair is that it grows, so this isnít forever. Firstly go through pictures of yourself where you liked how your hair looked- a good place to start. Be honest with yourself and ask close friends to give you advice. When you have decided what to do, visit a new recommended hairstylist and show them your images. Bring along other pictures from the internet too and try to be bold. Have a free consultation and see if they understand what you are trying to achieve and whether it is realistic. Look at colour too as this can really give the illusion of thicker/ voluminous hair.
Everything will be alright! Add a smile-you canít go wrong. Charlotte

Alyssa asks:
I coloured my hair at home; I had to use 2 bleach 2 blonde 2 red because my hair is thick and long. It turned out PINK! Iíd like to know what to do! I hate it! Itís terrible!! Can I just redye my hair? Or is it going to fall out?! Help!! Also, is there anything that will repair my damaged hair?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Alyssa, The bleach lifted your hair and so red went onto a much lighter base colour hence it being pink. You can re apply 2 x red colour over the pop of the pink and then do a treatment mask and you should have the desired red and soft conditioned hair. Hope that helps

Amandeep asks:
What can I do to get smooth hair? except rebounding and smoothing, because if I have this treatment I worry that there is a problem that I will never be able to curl my hair. Also I cannot wear a bun or other hairstyles, because my hair is really rough.

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
There are temporary ways of smoothing the hair - e.g. blow drying. Condition it vital choosing the right smoothing shampoo, conditioner and styling. These products can smooth and help by adding moisture to the hair. But this is only temporary.

Rebounding and smoothing.
These are chemicals that help to control unruly, frizzy hair and are often a great solution to creating smooth hair. The treatments can vary from loosing the natural texture and or curl all the ways to the hair looking pretty straight. Keep in mind that the more you straighten and defy your natural texture the more up keep it will take to maintain as your natural curly, unruly hair will grow through ( re growth) I would recommend the mild version of the smoothing system to see how you like it. That would also retain some of your natural curl, with out it being unruly.

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