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Erin asks:
My hair colouring history is long and extensive, but most recently I visited the salon for champagne blonde highlights, along with teal and purple added mid shaft and to my hair ends. The teal is now almost all gone, except for a few faded areas, and the purple is faded but holding on more. My roots are now coming in, my natural hair being a í7í dark blonde/ash brown with natural blonde and copper highlights
Unfortunately times are tough and going back to the salon is not in my budget. I am hoping I can successfully use a box colour. I am interested in doing a red for fall, or even a rose brown. I donít know if this is possible with my current hair, or if there is a colour you could recommend that will cover my hair? I am fair skinned, blue eyed, with rosy cheeks and a slight yellow undertone. Please help! Thank you!

Linton and MacAnswered By:
Linton and Mac
We would suggest that you start by using a clarifying shampoo, to help to further strip away some of the unwanted teal colour. A natural way to help remove colour is to mix a little baking soda with your shampoo Ė failing that you can try a specialist colour remover, suitable for at-home use. Once you have stripped away all of the remaining teal colour, you can re-colour the hair. While there is a lot going on with your hair right now, you have two things working in your favour. Firstly, you wish to go darker, rather than lighter, and secondly you want to add plenty of warmth to the hair with either a rose brown or red shade; both of these are easier to achieve at home than going lighter or cooler in colour.

Rose brown would be a good option considering your natural light brown roots are starting to come through and you already have the purple undertone through the mid lengths and ends. Look for a copper brown box colour, one with rich and rosy warm chocolate undertones. Section your hair and apply dye to the roots first, with only a very short exposure on the middle and ends, as these sections will absorb the colour faster. Luckily, this type of colour doesnít rely on the hair being bleached first, so is easier to achieve at home, plus this type of colour actually conditions your hair, rather than stripping it of moisture, so your hair should be left looking glossy and gorgeous.

Bridget asks:
Hello, PLEASE can you help me? Iím at my wits end with my hair. Iím 34 with very fine, thin light brown curly hair, but when I say curly, it constantly wants to just frizz up into one fuzzy mess and itís driving me crazy. The length is just below my shoulders if it behaves at all. I have tried all sorts. I usually wash with Redken Frizz dismiss Shampoo & Conditioner. How can I achieve CURLS, soft curls that look like curls and not just fuzz? Everyone who trims my hair canít believe how thin it is. I do straighten it a bit in summer but thatís not an option in autumn/ drop of rain and it totally curls up again......What should I do?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Hi Bridget, The frizz, no matter how annoying, gives your hair volume. If you didnít have any frizz, your hair would be very flat. So the thing to do is to use the frizz to your advantage. You need to treat the curls in your hair. Take the focus away of trying to get rid of the frizz because you wonít. Start with Redken Curvaceous shampoo-towel dry your hair by squeezing it- not rubbing and apply Curvaceous leave in conditioner. Take sections about one inch square and twist each section around your finger. Once youíve done the whole head dry the hair gently with a diffuser. Do not pull your fingers through the curls. Once it is completely dry place your fingers next to your scalp and shake. This should give you a nice curl and volume. The more you do this the more you will train your hair to go into nice curls. Do visit a recommended hairdresser to ensure that the shape and length suit your face. Good luck!

Veronika asks:
So I really need some advice. I had black dyed hair (naturally brunette) and wanted to go blonde for a very long time but my parents couldnít be bothered to get me to hairdresser so I decided to do it myself and I regret it so much.
The first day of bleaching I used 40 vol on my whole head and covered it with plastic foil and kept it there for 20 minutes. After it dried I thought that the rest of my hair is too dark compering to my roots, so I decided to do it again the next day. The 2nd day of bleaching I used 30 vol and put it all over my hair avoiding the area close to my roots. I wrapped it I aluminium foil and left it for 30 minutes. After I washed it I noticed my hair looking much thinner and when I pulled my hair it was like a gum and was breaking off so easily.
Iím left with ginger colour and breakage on my hair I have no idea what to do next. I spent days crying about my hair and I have become so depressed because my hair means a lot to me since Iím insecure. My goal is platinum blonde hair medium length or I can even go shorter just to have healthy hair on my head and to have it at least looking blonde.
So Iím looking for advice to repair my hair and stop the breakage since I want to bleach it again professionally (I will never touch my hair myself ever again) which I can wait till the start of next year, but before I do it I want to stop the breakage so it wonít fall out completely the next time I bleach it.
Thank you so much if you bothered to read this, I will really appreciate some advice on saving my hair.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Veronika, Oh dear, well I suggest you invest in the best professional protein re construct shampoo and conditioner you can. Also get a treatment mask and leave in protein spray, my favourite brands are, Nioxin, Joico , IDhair and Redken. Use the mask daily leaving on for 20 minutes, comb through, rinse and apply conditioner. Again leave for a few minutes, comb through and rinse. Use the spray in leave in spray as well and leave your hair to dry naturally. Go to a salon for a consultation, as I think if you get a great haircut and perhaps have some highlights and a toner you will be happy. The salon can do a strand test on your hair to make sure no further damage occurs during the colouring, really good luck!

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