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Marissa asks:
I had the Shiseido hair straightening treatment done recently and I was very careful not to do anything to my hair for 3 days. When I washed it for the first time my hair went out of control and very frizzy. I was told that the treatment would straighten my hair but the results are terrible. Do I need to get this done again? What do you recommend please?

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
It is very difficult to say with accuracy why your hair has reacted in this way. It may be that the products you used when washing your hair werenít quite suitable for hair that has been treated in this way, or it may be that the process has damaged your hair in some way Ė perhaps it wasnít applied correctly by an experienced professional Ė or perhaps the unmanageability and frizz you are experiencing have been caused by something else entirely.
The first thing I would advise you to do is inform the stylist who carried out the treatment; they may be able to advise as to why this has happened and rectify the problem for you. It may be that the treatment was never suitable for your hair in the first place, or it could be that your hair needs a second treatment. If you arenít satisfied with their reaction and they arenít willing to help you, then seek advice from another professional that offers similar treatments, instead Ė although this will probably cost you again.
I would also look at changing your product use and haircare regime. In the meantime, you need to use products that will restore manageability and reduce frizz: start with smoothing products that are gentle, sulfate-free and designed to target frizz, but without weighing down the hair or reducing the hairís natural movement and volume. The Kťrastase Fluidealiste range, which we sell at SJ Forbes, is directed at hair that is frizzy and flyaway and will help you to regain control of your hair by encouraging smoothness and leaving hair feeling more lightweight.

Erin asks:
I have highlighted hair and Iíve had it for 5 years. My hair is healthy but itís thin and flat and doesnít do much. Iíve been wanting to get a wave perm to give it some body and make it look nice, but a salon near me wonít do it without me signing a waiver because they said it could break all my hair thatís been highlighted. I havenít highlighted my hair in over a year, so my hair is kind of ombrť right now. Like I said, I have healthy hair. Is it okay to perm it?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Erin, I canít advise about a perm without doing a strand test Ė this means a small amount of your hair would be cut and chemical would be applied. It would then be stretched to see how easily it broke. Or they may put the hair sample in perm solution to see how it copes. I would ask them if they do such tests because depending on that you may be happy to sign a waiver.
Good luck

Lucy asks:
I have naturally dark blonde thick, long hair. Around 2 years ago I began using John Freida go blonder controlled lightening spray that I didnít realise was damaging my hair until I went to the hairdresser and had a test on my hair to see if it could handle the bleach. The hair was too damaged and they told me to stop using the spray and come back in 6 months, I did this and during that time I used a bunch of hair repairing products so I could definitely have my hair dyed the pastel pink I wanted. After the time had passed they did another test and said I would have to come back again later, now I havenít used the spray in over a year and their current advise is to fully grow out my hair before I can bleach it. I am willing to cut my long hair short in order to be able to bleach it, however it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between my natural hair and the hair that has been treated and damaged cause theyíre a similar colour. Obviously I canít have it cut ridiculously short but I have no idea how much my hair has grown. Any advise on how to tell and if I could get I dyed ?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Lucy, Have you thought about having some highlights (with bleach) that way much less commitment and damage? You can then apply the pastel pink you want and it will be true on the highlights but a slightly darker pink on the natural hair. I think you will love it, you must keep up a good hair care regime and get a decent trim but I think you should go for it.
Good luck

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