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Barbara asks:
I have bleached my half neck curly length hair to vibrant blue.. my roots need doing now and i donít want to bleach and reapply blue again.. the roots are mixed of grey and brown. I was thinking of doing the roots black and leave blue in. The question is, will it look professional or just wrong? Iím afraid it will look wrong especially back of the head, as I wonít be able too see it or do it right!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Barbara, Itís the application as you point out that will make the difference of it looking like a professional job, do you have a friend that can help you?

Emma asks:
Hi, I have awful, thick, coarse hair. It grows like nobodyís business, which some may envy, but all it becomes is a tangled mess. I donít blow-dry it or colour it, I use conditioner and a leave-in one designed for people with African hair types, although Iím white. Itís got to the point where I can only brush/comb it whilst it is wet with the conditioner on. Iíve broken combs in it. Tangle teasers just ride straight over the top of the knots unless I use when hair is wet and slathered in conditioner.

Iíd chop it all off if I didnít have a horrid, square jawline, and end up looking like a bloke. When I have risked short hair, in a week it has grown to an ugly lump on top of my head. I canít afford a cut every week. Iíve had to ask the hairdresser not to thin it out, as that makes it even coarser, and it just looks like Iíve got masses of split ends. Iím at the end of my tether. Any help would be appreciated.x

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Oh Emma, I always wish clients like you could get to me at the salon as I have really difficult hair too and itís so hard to give real advice that can help you as much as you need without me seeing your hair. But first things first, itís essential to be using the best moisturising shampoo you can as well as a moisturising treatment mask and conditioner. Try and shampoo, treat and condition your hair weekly leaving the treatment on your hair for 20 minutes covered with a shower cap before combing through and rinsing. Then apply conditioner and leave for a few minutes before combing through. You must comb your hair through as it helps close the cuticle down and help the hair shine. Squeeze the water from your hair, donít rub with a towel. Then apply a moisturising smoothing, styling cream and comb through before leaving to dry naturally or blow drying.

Style wise normally length helps way the hair down so I wouldnít suggest short layers. Have you thought about having your hair relaxed a little? A semi colour would help smooth your hair and add shine too, lots to think about. If you would like to send a picture and have specific product recommendations please let me know. I will do what I can to help you embrace your hair. Good luck

Millie asks:
My natural hair colour is brunette. Last year September time I had my hair fully bleached and coloured blue with purple tips. Obviously as it faded the purple went green so I would go over it with blue and after a few weeks it would fade green again. My roots would go a pale turquoise colour, whilst the middle section of my hair was bright blue (the colour I wanted) and the ends would be green.

I tried removing the colour multiple times and using every technique I could find to fade the blue at least so green so I could dye it red. It went a dark cherry colour for about 3 days, then blue started coming back through, as if the permanent red dye just slipped off it. That happened twice so I just left it. Eventually it was from red to blue to green top to bottom. I cut the green bits off and the majority of the blue and put bright pink over it all, which turned my hair pink and purple and red. Now itís fading and my roots are coming through, there are still very stubborn blue bits and also blonde tips that just wonít hold or take to dark colours. I am wishing to go burgundy mauve ombre, but I have no idea where to start as all the colour removing techniques havenít worked at all (colour b4, vitamin c, anti dandruff shampoo). Help!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Millie, it sounds to me that you have such a colour build and your hair is also very porous and thatís why itís hard for you to achieve a desired result. I suggest you do a few clarifying shampoos leaving the shampoo on for 15 minutes at a time before rinsing and repeating. This should help remove some of the colour build up, the next thing is to do a few treatment masks to help even out the porosity. Then you can apply the desired colours to the hair, make sure it is clean and dry and has had no conditioner, add 10 minutes to the processing time as well and hopefully you will get a great result.

Use colour save shampoo, regular treatment masks and comb conditioner through before rinsing to help maintain the condition of your hair as well as help prevent colour fade.
Good luck

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