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Divya asks:
I wanted to bring a tremendous change in my outlook through changing my hairstyle. My hair is thin, frizzy and shoulder length, what style can you recommend?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Hi Divya, A new haircut is the best way to start your fresh look. Research is the key. Get inspiration from images on the net. Look at colour, length, volume and texture. Once you are inspired find your stylist and have a thorough consultation with him/her. Listen to their ideas and if you like what they are saying GO FOR IT! Find out about the upkeep of your new look- cost, how often, products and how to style. Youíre going to love it!

Josie asks:
I love white hair but I love the look of having white hair with roots grown in and the knowledge it wonít hurt because no bleach is penetrating into my skin, but Iím in a pickle, how close to the root do I go? Do I want to have the virgin hair come down a lot, so it wonít need retouching, having my roots as minimal as possible, but require work to keep it looking clean.

I honestly wouldnít have so much trouble if it wasnít for the fact that I have bangs. I have bangs for a fresh festival raver look, but how much of the bangs do I bleach? Do I even bleach them? I typically wear my hair with most of it in a bun or 2 in the back, with my bangs out and a little hair in both sides to frame my face.

I have a hard time visualising either style and making it work for the bangs I have.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Josie, I think it will work well with the bangs as well, just leave ľ inch at the root area when you are applying the colour. You must do it in small sections to get a good even result, this is for the bangs too. Otherwise you can apply conditioner on the roots of your hair all over, then apply your colour, the conditioner will act like a barrier so you donít have to be quite as accurate. Hope this helps you

JANE asks:
I am desperate for an expert advice. I have thin hair because my last hairstylist "texturized" my hair which i really hate! I like my hair with volume and thickness. Anyway my hair right now is medium cut but I donít think it suits me . I have LONG FACE AND SQUARE JAW and I donít know what to do! I am thinking of getting a one length hair style like a bob cut but I am not sure, can you please help ?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Hi Jane, The beauty of hair is that it grows, so this isnít forever. Firstly go through pictures of yourself where you liked how your hair looked- a good place to start. Be honest with yourself and ask close friends to give you advice. When you have decided what to do, visit a new recommended hairstylist and show them your images. Bring along other pictures from the internet too and try to be bold. Have a free consultation and see if they understand what you are trying to achieve and whether it is realistic. Look at colour too as this can really give the illusion of thicker/ voluminous hair.
Everything will be alright! Add a smile-you canít go wrong. Charlotte

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