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Gill asks:
For years now I have had my hair dyed light blonde, about a year ago I decided to go dark blonde, when it is first permanently dyed it looks great colour is fab, then the first time I wash it the colour comes out! And I return to my light blonde colour! Even though they are permanent dyes they are not keeping in my hair, I bleached my hair once but that was 6 years ago! Since then only light blonde dyes have touched my hair, is there anything I can do to make my hair go darker?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Maybe try doing this process a number of times first. It may be that your hair is being much more resistant and that a few attempts are required. Give it a go and Good Luck

Dan asks:
My hair is pretty unmanageable right now. I have naturally thin hair that is very heavily processed - parts of it have been bleached twice! Anyway, I can never get the style I want with my hair and no styling product seems to work. My hair is fairly long, side swept fringe across the left eye and down to past my ears on sides, just about the shoulders at the nape of my neck. I was thinking about changing straighteners too, as I have cloud 9 mini irons which seem to do nothing. Anyway my question is, what should I do to repair my hair and get the style I want? I want a style that is quite defined but poofy at the same time - yes, an emo style. Shoot me if you must. I am constantly using Lushís Seanik dry shampoo and Rehab shampoo (alternating on a daily basis) whilst using Timoteiís intense repair conditioner and a deep conditioner every few days. I use Guardian Angel as a heat protect spray. Is there any "magic" way of revitalizing my hair?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Firstly I would strongly recommend trying Wella Professionals Alchemy in salon treatments. The reason for this is that these intensive conditioning treatments are dual benefits which means they can help restore the condition that has been dried out from the bleaching process and at the same time either treat the colour or add volume to your hair. Secondly you really should consider either not bleaching your hair or not using the irons on it, as both of these processes are really going to damage your hair especially as it is thin. Personally I would stop bleaching and purchase some GHD irons and thermal protector to use before straightening.

Altaf asks:
I used to have long hair, after I had surgery I lost a lot of blood and my hair to, I have tried simply everything to make it thick and grow, but I end up loosing more hair, what do I do?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Hair Loss can be due to a number of things stress being a major one, if your body is still under stress and you are using particular drugs this could have an adverse effect on hair growth. I would suggest at this minute you move away from wanting it long and thick again, work with what you have naturally. Aim to get a style you really like within the current length and then allow it to naturally grow. Donít force the issue, this can make it worse. There are supplements out there but they donít work for everybody.

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