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Moutasim asks:
Hi, I was hoping you might help. As a male I have very unusual hair and Iím struggling to find anything to help style it. I would define my hair as thinning, frizzing, and wiry. My ethnic background is Arab. It might be easier if I send you a photo of my hair so you can see it for yourself. Can you recommend anything to help me control and style it? Presently the best thing I have come up with is using a good quality organic shampoo and conditioner and I then style my hair with castor oil. Strange I know. But for some reason I have found castor oil to be the most effective thing to help me style my hair as Iíd like to. Although it is not perfect and often gives my hair an overly greasy finish. Iím hoping to find something that works better than castor oil! Thank you.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Moutasim, May I suggest you use a moisture shampoo and conditioner and make sure you comb the conditioner through before rinsing. This will help smooth the cuticle and help make the hair look less frizzy. Then use some oil preferably almond in a treatment mask weekly, this will help the inner structure of your hair. Eat as much oily fish and plenty of vitamin D & E as eating a very balanced diet does help the hair. Maybe try a mini straightening iron they are so good so helping control the frizz and smoothing the hair, then use a light wax. Good luck

Emily asks:
I had my hair permed about 2 months ago and HATED IT. My hair was left very frizzy and dry and has remained the same ever since. I have been straightening it and using conditioning treatments twice a week, ever since, to try and offset the damage which the perm did to my hair. I wanted to try a reverse perm myself, to try and get it back to its natural state, but was wondering what your advice on this would be, as Iím very nervous about my hair falling out!!

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
I wouldnít recommend trying a reverse perm at home Ė it sounds like your hair has been damaged by the perm and treating it yourself may damage it further. Instead I would suggest trying a professional Brazilian Blow-Dry. A Brazilian Blow-Dry is a protein-based treatment that simultaneously straightens, smooths and repairs, transforming dry, frizzy hair and making it more manageable and smooth. As it works by smoothing the hair without changing the structure it wonít cause your hair any more damage Ė in fact the keratin will help to repair existing damage Ė and the results will help to loosen and smooth the curls left by your perm. It is perfectly safe to use on permed hair and it will help to strengthen your weakened locks. Look for a professional in your area that is experienced in Brazilian Blow-Dryís, who should give you a thorough consultation. They will be able to check the condition of your hair and confirm that this is the right treatment for you, before going ahead.

Lorraine asks:
I am working with young people with Autism and learning difficulties. Iím also trying to grow my hair. My hair has been pulled several times now. I need a suggestion for a hairdo that makes it difficult to pull my hair. The problem is if itís too difficult to pull out, it will make things worse. These guys pull out whole clumps of hair to get at hair bands and to try to get it down. Iíve also got to have it up in a style that will hold in the swimming pool. I really donít want to have to cut it.

Anne VeckAnswered By:
Anne Veck
The best option would be a style that makes it look a lot shorter than it is and hide any grips, clips etc. A scalp plait would work really well here as it gets your hair out of the way and itís stylish at the same time.

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