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Lorraine asks:
I am working with young people with Autism and learning difficulties. Iím also trying to grow my hair. My hair has been pulled several times now. I need a suggestion for a hairdo that makes it difficult to pull my hair. The problem is if itís too difficult to pull out, it will make things worse. These guys pull out whole clumps of hair to get at hair bands and to try to get it down. Iíve also got to have it up in a style that will hold in the swimming pool. I really donít want to have to cut it.

Anne VeckAnswered By:
Anne Veck
The best option would be a style that makes it look a lot shorter than it is and hide any grips, clips etc. A scalp plait would work really well here as it gets your hair out of the way and itís stylish at the same time.

Rachel asks:
I need advice for both greasy and dry hair. When I am in the shower shampooing my hair feels dry then after I get out and blow dry my hair it feels really greasy, and usually after 2 to 3 days it gets worse. Also when I straighten it, the ends look dry but the hair feels greasy. Itís hard to explain. Could you please recommend what I should do, Iíve tried everything from changing shampoos to not using hairdryers, but nothingís working.

Linton and MacAnswered By:
Linton and Mac
It sounds like you have a Ďcombinationí hair type, which is characterised by oily roots and dry ends, and is particularly common in long hair Ė the oils produced by the scalp donít reach the longer ends Ė and in finer hair, which tends to have more oil glands over the space of the scalp.

Combination hair can be easily treated with the right products and disguised with a few styling tricks. Firstly, start using a volumising shampoo and conditioner. These products are designed to give hair a lift by removing excess oil and build-up, so will help to tackle the excess sebum-production, and as they are designed to hydrate without adding weight, they will condition your dry ends without weighing down your locks. When it comes to styling, avoid oil-based products, which can make your roots greasier, but also avoid products that may further dry out your dry ends Ė products such as firm-hold hairsprays and mousses. Use a hydrating heat protective spray, just through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair before blow-drying, to protect your dry lengths from heat damage and to reduce the appearance of brittle ends. Finally, when youíve finished blow-drying and styling, spritz your hairbrush with a little dry shampoo, before running through your roots to absorb any excess grease and product build-up.

Portia asks:
I am 17 years old... my question may sound funny... the worse my hair the worse I face bad situations. I have curly and frizzy hair. The only thing I need is to get rid of my hair problem. I need a changeover. People suggest something for me other than ironing which I donít think itís worth. Please do suggest a solution for me for perfect hair.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Oh bless you Portia, Smoothing does really work but can be expensive, but you could use moisturising shampoo and conditioner as well as a treatment mask weekly. Moisture helps smooth the cuticle and calm frizz, you must comb through the conditioner and treatment before rinsing and perhaps apply some argan style oil to damp hair, comp through and leave to dry naturally? Have you tried straightening irons as if you do small sections and control the temperature they are great? Please come back to me with pictures if you need more advice, Kala

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