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Catrine asks:
My hair is thick and most of the volume ends up in the lengths of my hair, because of the heaviness. This results in the top of my head looking very flat. I’d like to achieve more volume and height through the crown of my head instead. I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t suit very short hair. Whenever I put my hair in a ponytail, the lack of volume at the roots becomes even more apparent. I’m tired of my current hairstyle: it looks flat, boring and dull and I would love to switch it up, but I’m not sure what would suit me and what would help me achieve volume in the top but reduce the weight around my face. I’d also love to be able to still put my hair up/away from my face.

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
What you’re describing often happens when hair is very thick and long, as the weight of the hair pulls the hair down, causing a lack of volume in the roots. Thick hair that is one length all over is particularly prone to looking too heavy through the mid-section and ends. What you need is a cut and style that adds volume, gives a little height and lift through the top, while reducing the weight that currently sits around your face. Stylists often add layers to break up the weight of thick hair and to thin it out. While layers may be the answer – and they’d certainly allow you to retain the length of your style – the way layers are cut into your hair can really make or break the end result of your style. Your aim is to remove weight and bulk without removing the natural movement in your hair. I’d recommend asking your stylist to add ‘invisible’ layers, which can thin the hair without creating that typical layered appearance. Invisible layers are ideal if you prefer the blunt cut look that is so on trend right now.

Speak to your stylist about trying a ‘parallel undercut’. This type of cut reduces weight and thickness in the hair, while increasing bounce and movement. It involves sectioning dry hair horizontally and evenly from the nape of the neck upwards in three sections, and point-cutting each section around the entire perimeter. The result is that the weight is sliced away and you’re left with a blunt yet multidimensional finish. It sounds like the perfect solution to your problem, allowing you to try out a stylish and edgy new style, that’s full of texture, length and movement, but none of the unwanted weight and bulk around your face.

Olivia asks:
My hair is very damaged. I wear it in a very short style, because most of the lengths and ends have broken away, and it desperately needs a trim, but I don’t want my hair to be any shorter than it already is. How can I encourage my hair to grow longer faster? And how can I get rid of the split ends without making my style even shorter?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
You need to get rid of the damaged split ends and the only way to do this is by cutting the hair, as they are beyond repair. However, don’t worry, as the damaged ends tend to be very fine anyway, so getting rid of them won’t drastically alter the appearance of your style and will actually make your hair look much healthier and your style look far more flattering.
Use products to help restore the damage to your remaining locks, and to help prevent further damage – investing in an intensive conditioning mask rich in proteins and a protective leave-in conditioning spray with heat protective qualities is a good start. You should also consider trying a monthly professional conditioning treatment, which will help to initiate the repair process, continuing until you see a marked improvement in the quality of your hair. Once you’ve tackled the damaged hair, you can shift your focus to encouraging new healthy hair growth. Stimulate the follicles with regular scalp massage, using a detoxifying ‘exfoliating’ shampoo, which helps to promote growth further. If you worry that diet or an underlying health issue is affecting normal hair growth then speak to a Trichologist – hair loss clinics such as Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, who we recommend to our clients suffering from thinning hair – can help you with this. If you really can’t wait for your new healthy hair to return then you should consider extensions.

At our nine Westrow salons we offer hugely effective, seamless extensions that won’t damage existing hair, however any local professional stylist or salon that specialises in extensions will be able to help you find the right type to suit your hair, your hair goals and your lifestyle.

jasmine asks:
I’m 17 and my hair type is thin ringlet curly hair. However, it’s very puffy and a bit frizzy so it looks fairly thick. I keep getting gaps at the top of my head as my hair is so thin and I don’t know how to tame my frizz without making the gaps more obvious!
Please help

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Jasmine, try using dry shampoo in the root area, as this will make the hair separate less and look thicker and fuller. Just a tip but when you apply conditioner make sure you don’t apply to close to the roots as that will over moisturise and make the hair separate and look thinner. Good luck

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