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Skyla asks:
So Iíve been wanting to colour my hair for the longest time, but Iím at a crossroad on what colour to choose. I want something out of the ordinary or honestly something different. Itís a new year and I want something new for my hair. If you could help me that would be wonderful.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Skyla, If you have blonde hair naturally you have lots more options as you can use all of the vibrant or pastel shades that gradually shampoo out of your hair. If your hair is darker, in order to have something a bit more out there you will need to have your hair lightened. Hope you get something done and love it.

Kristine asks:
I have quite long hair, with very rough and dry mid-lengths and ends. It is also thinning quite badly. I donít blow-dry my hair or use any heated appliances, and I donít dye it. It really bothers me and I donít know what to do anymore- plus Iím very nervous about my hair falling out!

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
It sounds like your hair is naturally very dry, and has suffered some form of damage to the cuticle, which is leaving it with that Ďroughí appearance. Unfortunately, once the cuticle becomes damaged it is more prone to further damage and weakening and so it is likely that not using the right products regularly has exacerbated the problem. ...More >

First of all I would suggest a good trim Ė your hairstylist will be able to see how much of the ends is beyond repair and in need of cutting. If you can afford to, I would also consider trying a professional treatment that is designed to smooth, condition and inject shine into dry damaged locks. Next, I would look at the products you are using and how often you are using them. Invest in a shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating leave-on treatment or serum that are designed for dry and damaged locks. I would also suggest buying a deep conditioning treatment, and using once or twice a week, until you see an improvement in the quality of your hair. Avoid shampooing daily, as the natural oils within your scalp will help to condition your hair.

The thinning you are experiencing is most likely to be the weak damaged hairs breaking away Ė rather than hair loss from the follicle Ė so this should improve once you start to improve the overall condition of your hair. If you donít see an improvement, or are concerned that the hair is falling out at the scalp, then speak to your GP who can refer you to see a trichologist. At Westrow. we refer our clients with thinning hair problems to the Northern Hair Loss Clinic, as they are experts in that arena and able to advise in the areas we canít help with. Finally, itís great that you have been avoiding damaging your hair further with colour or using heated appliances, however once you see an improvement in your hairís condition, there is no reason to avoid these entirely. Just be sure to use heat-protective products before using any heated appliances, and professional pre-colour conditioning treatments, such as Olaplex, prior to any colour treatment.

Denisa asks:
Hello! I dyed my hair about 2 days ago with the Líoreal excellence creme in Natural Rich Auburn 5.6. Because I have medium to dark brown hair, it didnít do much other than make my hair look warmer, kinda like a bruntte cherry. I kinda like but I was hoping for a more visible change. So I was thinking of adding some rich blonde-caramel highlights to it, like a balayage, but an appoitment is so expensive where I live, its out my price range. I am currently looking online for some colouring kits,I want to know if I could still do highlights on top of the highlighted hair? Thank you!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Densina, Why donít you ask around local salons to see if you can be a colour model for a trainee stylist, that way you can have a super highlights at a reasonable price. It is too difficult to try and highlight or create a balayage effect on your own hair. Good luck

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