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Nik asks:
Iíve been dyeing my very dark brown hair black with box dye for approx 14 years - I have very pale skin and going darker makes my face glow and look healthier. In the last 6 years, however, my hair is going salt and pepper grey with re-growth visibly popping up every 2 weeks after I dye my hair. So, I end up waiting an extra two weeks before dyeing my hair again and Iím wondering if itís time to change my hair colour or incorporate a few dark grey streaks into my hair to stop it from washing out my face and making me look older. Iím also concerned that dyeing my hair black so often might be bad for my hair, but I really donít want to look so washed out and old! Any advice or suggestions please? Kind regards , Nik

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
There is a lot of history as you have been colouring your hair with box colour for some time. Box colour is very un-predictable . Therefore there is not one golden rule or answer to your desired result. In order to remove and or change your current black colour the hairdresser would have to use a bleach. As bleach is the only product to lift the black from you hair. A stand test would be a good idea to see how it lifts. To create a softer re- growth area adding different shades ( slightly lighter/and slightly darker combination) to your hair will soften the re-growth line and would help to blend your salt and pepper. Avoid a solid blanket of dark hair.

I think you need to change your thought process and colour plan based on how often you wish to colour your hair. If you want your colour to look more natural, multidimensional, great for blend grey hair this will help with a softer re-growth area, re-growth line. I would only recommend that you consult with a colour specialist. As they will know what to use and the path to create your final desired look. Keep in mind there is a lot of colour history that only a professional colourist can suggest ideas, etc. Keep in mind that as we mature, skin colour, grey hair Ė etc. formulations should change according to the natural hair and end desired result.

Della asks:
My daughter pestered me to perm her hair so I bought a do it yourself one at home with rods and the Schwarzkopf red box as she had coloured her hair in the past. I was quite confident at putting it all on and every thing was going okay until I dried it using a diffuser in the hair dryer. Then this morning it looks shaggy frizzy and feels quite dry. What can I do to help this? Iím in desperate need of help as she is an anxious teenager at the best of times and if her hair is a mess she wonít want to be humiliated at school. Thanks for any advice.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Della, It sounds like the hair is desperate for moisture, use a moisture shampoo, conditioner and mask. Leave the mask on the hair for 20 minutes covered with a shower cap, comb through before rinsing and applying conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, comb through and rinse. Then apply a small amount of argan style oil to the mid lengths and ends of the hair, comb through before using the hairdryer and diffuser on medium heat and speed. Be careful not to over dry. Good luck

Melissa asks:
My hair looks really dry and something that I canít control. I canít wear my hair up in a bun anymore, because when I take it down and brush it, my hair is falling out. I donít know what else to do so Iíve decided to leave it down but my hair looks like crap when itís down and itís not all the same colour anymore. My hair is naturally brown but I dyed it so much that I finally decided no more dyeing. Please help me!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Melissa Can I suggest you invest in some moisture shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask. Use the mask every time you shampoo for a month, leaving on for 20 minutes before combing through, rinsing then apply conditioner. That way you will give your hair a massive moisture boost and it sounds like it needs it. Take a look at your diet making sure it has plenty of vitamin B, D and E and if youíre concerned take a supplement for hair for a few months. Have a little trim and Iím absolutely sure that in less than 6 weeks your hair will be soft, shiny and manageable again. Good luck

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