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Denisa asks:
Hello! I dyed my hair about 2 days ago with the Líoreal excellence creme in Natural Rich Auburn 5.6. Because I have medium to dark brown hair, it didnít do much other than make my hair look warmer, kinda like a bruntte cherry. I kinda like but I was hoping for a more visible change. So I was thinking of adding some rich blonde-caramel highlights to it, like a balayage, but an appoitment is so expensive where I live, its out my price range. I am currently looking online for some colouring kits,I want to know if I could still do highlights on top of the highlighted hair? Thank you!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Densina, Why donít you ask around local salons to see if you can be a colour model for a trainee stylist, that way you can have a super highlights at a reasonable price. It is too difficult to try and highlight or create a balayage effect on your own hair. Good luck

Carina asks:
Iím asking for a male friend who canít find a way to cut his hair. He has naturally thick curly hair and likes to wear it longer. His hairdresser advises using gel to style it, which he doesnít like. Where would be the best hair place for him to go in order to get some advice on a cut that will suit him and some alternative products?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
It sounds like your friendís current stylist may be stuck in a styling rut, or may not be totally skilled or confident in cutting and styling menís hair. These days, most barbershops and hair salons are far more forward-thinking than they used to be when it comes to menís cuts, and most good salons will have a menís expert that specialises in cutting and styling menís hair and who has a more modern understanding of products, so it shouldnít be too difficult to find a stylist that can give your friend a thorough consultation and help him to find a cut and style that suits him. Do some research and find out whether there are any male cutting specialists in your area and book a consultation. Tell your friend to look for menís styles on Pinterest that he likes, so that he can show his stylist the kind of look he would like to try, but be realistic and stick to looks that have thickness and curl to them, that would be achievable in his own hair.

Lyle asks:
Hi everyone. My problem is, Iíve made a real error and dyed my hair bright red. I went for bleach blonde at first, but it turned out far too bright and yellow. I bought some redish dye thinking it would tone it right down, but itís still way to bright. Iím keen to go back to something resembling my natural colour. I was wondering if buying off-the-shelf brown hair dye could solve the issue.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Lyle, I would suggest you try an ash level 6/ light ash brown as this will help neutralise the red tones and help give a natural look. Good luck

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