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Steffy asks:
I am 20 years old and I have thin semi curly hair with less volume hair below shoulder. I have suffered with hair loss for the last five years. I have tried hair cutting my hair, but it doesnít suit me. I have square round face. Could you help me please.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Steffy, have you tried taking a hair supplement, also using a protein volume shampoo and spray leave in conditioner? These will all help your hair feel thicker and fuller. I suggest an inverted bob style as length that frames the face softens a square face, perhaps a side parting too! I would style with mousse and diffuse as that would encourage your natural wave and also make the hair look more voluminous. Good luck

Evelyn asks:
Iím 23 and growing up I had pretty thick hair, however, over the last year my hair has thinned out a lot Ė Iíve lost about a third of it. I have made quite a few changes, that could be contributing to this loss in bulk: I now wash my hair almost every day because I exercise daily; Iíve started using more professional shampoos and conditioners; I brush my hair more often and I rely on dry shampoo more. Iíve also been letting it grow and colouring it more. Iím getting less sleep than usual, but my diet has improved and Iím exercising more. My hair has always been healthy too - I donít put much heat on it and I always let it air dry Ė and as far as Iím aware there isnít any hereditary hair thinning in the females in my family. Iím concerned that this thinning will be permanent, although Iíve noticed a lot of "baby hairs" Ėso that gives me a little hope that it may be growing back. Is there anything that I should be doing (or not doing) to encourage my hair to grow back thick again?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
First of all, it all depends on whether the thinning of your hair is occurring at a follicular level, whereby you are losing more hair than is the Ďusualí 100 hairs a day or your hair has stopped growing Ė or whether the thinning you are experiencing is actually due to the ends of your existing hair thinning and breaking away. ...More >

Considering some of the change in habits youíve described, it could be that your haircare regime is contributing to the thinning of your hairís lengths and ends. As youíve been letting your hair grow, not getting it trimmed regularly and colouring it more frequently, it could be that the ends of the hairs are thinning out due to styling damage, age and colour damage. As the ends Ė the oldest part of your hair Ė are subject to longer-term damage through styling and colouring, they get weaker and break away.

This will contribute to your hair looking and feeling less thick, because the individual hairs have become thinner or have broken away and therefore reduced in number. This type of hair thinning is usually far easier to treat than hair loss. If this is the case, a cut, to remove some of the thinner weaker ends, followed by a professional restorative Keratin treatment, may help to repair damaged bonds, rebuilding and restoring damaged hairs, making them individually appear thicker and your overall hair fuller.

If, however, your hair thinning is happening at root level, and is occurring as a result of hair loss or lack of growth, determining the cause can be trickier. Hair loss in young women can be caused by a number of reasons, from diet and lifestyle to an undiagnosed medical condition. If this is the case, a visit to your GP may be necessary. Alternatively you could make an appointment with a hair loss specialist clinic, such as Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, where a trichologist will be able to carry out a thorough scalp analysis and blood tests, to help determine the root cause of your loss. The benefit of visiting a hair loss specialist is that they will be able to then also prescribe you a hair replacement programme, based on your individual needs, once the cause and extent of your hair loss has been determined.

Brittney asks:
My hair is starting to really affect my feelings. It is naturally very fine, straight and flat, and a couple of years ago I was on birth control injections which caused me to lose my hair. It became very patchy, so my hairdresser recommended that I cut it into a bob and ever since then my hair has stopped growing. Iíve tried taking vitamins; Iíve tried re-growth shampoo; Iíve tried using coconut oil on my hair; and Iíve tried many other methods that Iíve come across online, but nothing seems to encourage my hair to grow. I am becoming extremely impatient and lately have started using extensions, but Iím finding them to be a major hassle. Is there a miracle hair growth product I could try? Or is there a more permanent alternative to extensions, such as a wig? I need something that will still allow me to swim, sleep and do all the usual daily activities, without it becoming obvious or uncomfortable.

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
The hormones within certain birth control methods can cause hormonal imbalances that can lead to hair loss. The good news is usually the hair loss is only temporary and hair growth often returns to normal once the hormones have left your system. Unfortunately it can take a while for this to happen and on some rare occasions hormonal imbalances can remain, which means the hair loss continues. Unluckily for you your hair was already fine, which means that your hair loss showed up fairly quickly and was more difficult to conceal. While cutting your hair into a bob wonít have had any effect on the regrowth of your hair Ė remember the ends have been cut, whereas regrowth occurs at the roots Ė if the regrowth cycle is slow to return, or returns, but not as effectively as before, it will take much longer to grow your bob out Ė which is what you now seem to be experiencing.

Donít worry because there are plenty of options. Speak to a professional trichologist for advice on how nutritional supplements could help to encourage your natural hair growth. Theyíll also be able to advise you on any other medical treatment that could encourage faster hair growth. At a hair loss clinic Ė such as Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, a specialist hair loss clinic for women and transgender women Ė a trichologist will be able to determine the exact cause of your hair loss and will be able to advise you on medical treatment and nutritional supplements to boost natural hair growth. In the meantime, a non-surgical hair replacement method is a great way to conceal the effects of hair loss and give the appearance of fuller, thicker, and even longer hair. Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, for example, offer a number of bespoke hair replacement solutions that can be tailored to your exact needs. After an in-depth initial consultation they are able to determine what would suit each client, according to many factors, including lifestyle. It may be that one of their tailor-made wigs would be most suitable, or one of their highly innovative and effective Integration systems Ė a breathable mesh system that permanently disguises bald patches and hair loss, while allowing your own hair to re-grow underneath Ė would be a better option. Hygienic and comfortable, as well as long lasting, this method is particularly popular with active young women, who wish to maintain their lifestyle. The good news is that there are so many different options available to you that you should try not to let this affect your emotional well being for much longer.

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