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Christine asks:
I have an oval face with a high forehead. I have long brown hair with a blunt fringe. My face is very freckly, and a friend suggested I had my fringe cut shorter to show them off more, can you give me some advice ? PS I want to keep the rest of my hair

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
How about trying a side fringe, it will show your face off more. Also think about having shape around your face. Hope this helps!

Laura Baxter asks:
I have a small forehead and very thick shoulder length hair. It always looks good for about 5 minutes after styling then ends up behind my ears. Help what can I do?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
You could invest in some nice grips/clips to put the front up for something different. In a style rather than just tucked behind your ears.

Ruki asks:
My question is regards my face shape and which hairstyle would suit me best. My face shape is considered a slightly longer and narrower version of oval - similar to that of celebrity Paula Patton Ė and I have a fairly pointy chin. For years Iíve struggled to work out which cut and hairstyle would make the most of my face shape and would be most flattering. My hair is very thick and very slightly wavy, which is yet another struggle for me, because I need to straighten it constantly. Iíve had both long hair and short hair before and Iíve received compliments for both, but Iíd really like to know which one suits me more. My current hairstyle is a shoulder-length long layered cut.

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
Youíre lucky because oval face shapes tend to be able to pull off most cuts and styles, however, you mention that your face is slightly longer than a typical oval shape, so I would suggest finding a cut that shortens it and widens it slightly Ė this will restore symmetry and create the illusion of a perfect oval. As a general rule, a shorter cut will shorten the length in your face, so itís best to stick to a shorter bob or lob-length cut. Somewhere between chin length and shoulder length is ideal for you, so slightly shorter than your current cut. Bangs are another effective way of cutting the length through your face, so consider trying out a fringe. A side-sweeping fringe would be particularly effective at shortening your face and adding width to your cheekbones, which would distract from the length and would look incredibly flattering on you. ...More >

You mention your hair is naturally quite wavy, which is great, as a really effective way to add width to a long face shape, and to create more of an oval shape, is with volume and waves.

As you have a natural kink to your hair already, I would suggest you keep your long layers, and use them to enhance the existing natural wave in your hair. Use products such as sea salt spray and curl enhancing creams to add bounce and definition to your waves and to give shape and movement that will flatter your face shape. Long wavy layers are also a great way to add fullness around your jawline, which will help to conceal the pointiness in your chin.

While face shape is very important in determining the cut and style to suit you, there are other factors to take in to consideration, such as hair texture and type, and your lifestyle and personality. The former factors will determine the shape your cut will hold and the styling required and the latter will determine whether you will suit a look-at-me cut or something subtler and the level of maintenance youíre willing to commit to. This is something you should take into consideration when choosing your style Ė so discuss these things with your stylist during your consultation.

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