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Jay asks:
I am a 22 year old male with naturally thick black curly hair. From 2009 to 2011 I was constantly straightening my hair, everyday on heat of 110 degrees to sometimes 130 degrees. I did use a heat defence spray from toni&guy everyday when I was straightening. I havenít straightened my hair since 2011 but what Iíve noticed is that the front of my hair is quite thin compared to the back. I can notice my scalp when Iím under a light. Itís really quite embarrassing. I know that itís caused from too much straightening, is there any way I could fix this problem?? I now use American Crew Products such as curl construct or either moulding clay, and I shampoo my hair everyday with the American Crew Everyday Shampoo and I condition it every 2-3 days. Am I doing anything wrong or am I just being paranoid?? Please help as itís stressing me out:

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Try looking at Philip Kingsley products, they specialise in hair and scalp treatments

Steplynn asks:
I have never found anyone whose advice works on my hair and I have heard numerous theories from everyone as to why my hair is the way it is. When I was young- it was brown, thick wavy but still slightly soft. When I turned 16 or so, my hair was brown, soft, shiny, and very curly with some random kinks in it, I had never seen anything like it but it looked awesome. Then when I was 21, my hair turned very dry, very course, brittle and thick. I am a Caucasian female who does not use hair dryers or hair straighteners regularly. I wash my hair at the most 3 times a week using expensive salon shampoos. Now when I let it hair dry it is slightly straight, with bizarre kinks in it and it has split ends no matter how often I trim it. I have resorted to a low pony tail every day because I am afraid to use styling irons etc but it looks dreadful dried naturally. Every female on my motherís side of the family has this problem. Once my mom got so fed up with it, she shaved her and let it grow out and it was the same as before.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Unfortunately the problem with your hair is obviously hereditary. What I can advice is a keratin treatment. This will add keratin back into your hair which will help improve the texture, add high shine and make styling your hair much easier. Hopefully this will help improve your hair condition in general and be the answer youíre looking for.

Amy asks:
Iíve had problems with hair growth for a few years, however just over a year ago I decided to have my hair cut into a long bob because my hair had become a bit tatty. I didnít like it so decided to grow it out, and within a year I had grown it back relatively to the length it was before (around shoulder blade length). However, in the past couple of months my hair has become extremely dry on the ends, with white dots, breakages and split ends. Iíve rarely straightened and only around twice blow dried my hair since I decided to grow out my bob, and it seems to have stopped growing. I also get greasy hair, and dandruff, so Iím stuck on which shampoo to use! Iíve been using Herbal Essences the one for dry/damaged hair but itís had no effect, and I have been using a treatment for my ends once a week. After these didnít work I had it cut but the white dots and breakages seemed to appear again really quickly. I also have my hair highlighted with bleach and caramel, but only get it done around once every 3 months, so didnít think that was causing it, as I have had it dyed like that for the past few years. Please help!

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
The main issue here is your choice of products. Using anything not purchased at a salon is really doing your hair no favours. High-street brands can create a false sense of condition to your hair. It leaves a residue that builds up over time and drips down the hair to create the white dots you mention. When growing your hair, condition is massively important otherwise it grows from the roots and breaks and the end so you get nowhere. What I would suggest is go to your salon, get a few inches taken off and invest in some decent salon shampoo and conditioner. Initially it is more expensive than non-professional products but you will use less with each shampoo, so overall it works out about the same. Ask your pals or family for a conditioning mask for Christmas or your birthday and use this once a week. Also, make sure you drink lots of water Ė like your skin, hair needs to be kept hydrated. Once you have the split ends cut off and got the condition sorted, the hair will grow fuller and look and feel much healthier.

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