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Armando Gomez asks:
I am Mexican, my hair wonít stay down. Itís hard, dry and naturally "spiky" my hair is not curly its super straight and thick. From the sides of my head it grows straight out not down. From the front of my head it grows straight out! I have let it grow long but it just puffed again my hair is NOT CURLY nor FRIZZY. HELP!

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
My advice would be to use Moroccan oil which is amazing, your hair will absorb the product and immediately enhance manageability shine and long term condition without leaving residue. Also blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to the way the hair wants to go. I would also highly recommend Kerastraight which is really conditioning and is a non-chemical product, it is great for dull dry hair, damaged hair, curly and wavy, frizzy hair. I think that you would really benefit from this and make your hair much more manageable.

Nadia asks:
A few years ago, my hair was very thick and grew very long, after that I had layers put in, after one month passed the growth was severely affected, and it seems to have stopped growing, also my hair became dry and started falling too, I am very worried about my hair. Please recommend a good shampoo, oil and diet. One more thing should I go for any hair treatment? I do not like to take oily foods, will they affect my hair health?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest diet wise the best food for healthy looking hair are oily foods such as fish etc. As far as treatments and products I would highly recommend the NIOXIN range which is arrange of shampoo and conditioners formulated for all hair types and give the most fantastic results.

Sarah asks:
I have noticed just lately every time I wash my hair it has started to come out in small handfuls in my hands last time this happened I changed my shampoo to Head and Shoulders sensitive and it helped I used it for years. I have also coloured my hair and carried on using the same shampoo. I recently changed my shampoo and although the new one was nice and made my hair shiny and smooth I started loosing bits of hair again so I went back to my old one, my head itches because its dry is there anything I can use to make it look nice without spending a fortune to make it look healthier, I donít use product or heat on it.

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
This sounds to me as if you have some sort of allergy to an ingredient in certain shampoos. My advice is invested in a good scalp shampoo like the Phillip Kingsley No Scent Shampoo for sensitive scalps. Then to protect your colour and give your hair a fabulous shine use the Loreal Professional Vitamino colour conditioner, this is not to be applied to the scalp but only the mid lengths and ends so you are tailoring your products for not only your sensitive scalp but also the condition and shine on your hair.

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