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Mandy asks:
I have had long shoulder length hair all my live and I now need a change, my hair is quite thin, what kind of style should I go for?

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
If your hair is fine and you want to make it look fuller then a classical graduated bob is they best option. It may seem a quite drastic change but you will be surprised how much fuller and shapely your hair can look if it is done properly. Also I find that an increasing amount of people of all ages are coming into the salon and asking for more classical cuts.

Clare asks:
I am getting married in July and cannot afford to get my hair professionally done. I have shoulder length hair in brown with red tint when the sun hits it. I tend to go for very plain things so usually have hair tied up in a pony tail or in a plait. I want to experiment as it will be a very special day. Do you have any suggestions? I have Straightening tongs and crimping tongs but that is about it!

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Its a shame that you cannot have your hair professionally styled - its such an important day! But, if you do decide to go it alone, then keep it simple and most importantly, you! Its no good changing your hair drastically as you will feel uncomfortable. I would definitely leave the crimpers alone - its not a good look! Why not experiment with some gorgeous hair accessories (Claires Accessories do amazing, inexpensive ones) and then you can wear your hair in a ponytail but glam it up with some gorgeous feathers or flowers. Experiment with a high and low ponytail and see which flatters your dress more.

Ashling asks:
I am going to a wedding and I am wearing a bodice style dress. I want an up style that wont make me look to bare, or thats not really scraped back off me face any ideas?

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Go half and half! Leaving some length down your shoulders will give you a bit of security but taking it away from the sides will show off your facial features. We agree, nothing to severe but a more soft sweeping of the face do not go for the tendril look that can easily turn it a chav look! Jennifer Lopez wears some gorgeous hairstyles and is a great inspiration for stylish hair ups, check out some of the celebrity magazines and take those to your hairdresser for some inspiration too.

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