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Jennie Foster asks:
My daughter-in-law and I are thinking of expanding our salon in Sheffield. How much would you recommend we charge other hairdressers per day for a chair (in order to cover our overheads and costs)? Many thanks for any help you can give.

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
You could try the 50/50 method, which means whatever the stylist makes she gets 50% and you also get 50%. Whilst the stylist is building up a clientele the share will be low but on a good week you will tend to make yourself more cash than if you had a fixed rate for your chair.

Jen asks:
I have a thermo hair straightener that gets my hair straight, but it remains very thick looking and flicks out to the sides at the bottom. I once had my hair straightened professionally, and it was perfectly sleek and straight. Is the straightener I am using inadequate, or am I doing something wrong?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Be careful not to curl the iron out as you get to the bottom. As this will cause your problem. Try to direct the iron under as you get to the bottom this should compensate and correct your problem.

Shyam asks:
When ever I grow my hair it becomes curly, is there any other thing which can straighten my hair. I have seen my friends who have straightened their hair and their hair has become unhealthy, is it so. Please suggest for me after straightening my hair what kind of hair style should I have!

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
There are certain things you can do to make maintaining your hair easier. I would never recommend chemically straightening though from my experience the chemicals in them are very strong and quite damaging to your hair. If you do straighten your hair quite often it will become dry and split ends will appear. Split ends are unavoidable but can be kept to a minimum by getting your end trimmed about every 6-weeks. A good product for protecting hair when straightening is the Infratreat oil that you can buy on the site, this will protect your hair from the heat of your straighteners. If your are struggling for a style I would go to a reputable salon and ask for their advice as they will be able to determine suitability for your face shape and to suit your lifestyle.

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