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FOX asks:
I used the Loreal X-Tenso twice, but it did me no good what should I do? Did I use it wrong? I used it myself with the help of a friend but nothing happened! Can you also add to your reply a recommended shampoo and conditioner and creams?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
I am confused - are you a hairdresser? XTenso is a professional product that should only be applied by trained technicians. It sounds to me that if you are applying it without the necessary qualifications, I am not surprised its not working. We use this system in our salon with fabulous results. I would suggest you stop trying to do it yourself and visit a reputable salon.

Amanda Jacquett asks:
I have recently bought glue in extensions off Ebay. I took them out they made me bald. I have lost most of my hair and I have bald patches can you help please. I am upset and keep crying it looks bad.

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
Oh my, that sounds terrible! Extensions should only ever be applied by a qualified hairdresser trained in extensions. The bonding agent is very important and it sounds as if your extension bond was not created for extension use. Professional companies only use bonding specifically formulated for extensions use. I would strongly suggest you visit a Racoon appointed salon as soon as possible for advice (Tel: 01295 770999) and I just hope they can help in masking the patches either through careful, correct hair extension application or through a new hairstyle. Please, please do not ever buy anything like this from Ebay... it is just not worth the cost!

Jennie Foster asks:
My daughter-in-law and I are thinking of expanding our salon in Sheffield. How much would you recommend we charge other hairdressers per day for a chair (in order to cover our overheads and costs)? Many thanks for any help you can give.

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
You could try the 50/50 method, which means whatever the stylist makes she gets 50% and you also get 50%. Whilst the stylist is building up a clientele the share will be low but on a good week you will tend to make yourself more cash than if you had a fixed rate for your chair.

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