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Machaela Brewster asks:
i have black hair and ilove it this colour but i would like to have some colour in it what colour would go best with black apart from the obvious red.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
aubergines and deep purples will give dark hair maxim shine and mega-glamorous hair! If youíre naturally dark, theyíre a fabulous option, subtly glimmering in the daylight but retaining depth. Try LíOreal Luo colour for truly silent colour with amazing luminosity. Brunettes should think rich chestnuts and plums, rust blackberrys, rum punch and sherry browns - yum.

Emma asks:
i know this might be horrible, the think is, i canít go to a hairdressers because i have scars/scabs, whatever you want to call them, want do think i should do, can they refuse to do my hair

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Emma, the stylsit can refuse to do your hair if they feel that the scabs may be broken, as it could mean cross infection. It miht be a good idea to go to a salon and get a consultation. Diana

Gemma asks:
I had my haircut and I got a side fringe but I think the hairdresser has cut it wrong because after I had it cut I canít put it in a proper score and so iíve had to split my side fringe and iíve grown my fringe with a middle score so that their is two parts at each side.I have waited for them to grow and i have relised theyíve grown a little they are just below my eyes and iím going to get ti cut soon and iím just wondering if I would be able to get it cut properly back into a side fringe with this length or would I have to gorw it longer first.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Gemma, it would be fine to get your hair recut now. The stylsit will need to cut your hair in a way as to re-distribute weight whcih will lure your hair over to one side. Diana

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