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Adrianne asks:
I have very thick, curly hair that is frizzy and dry. You name it I have had it done in my battle to fight the frizz, chemical straightening, perming, Kerastraight etc - I have had it long and short, highlighted and my natural colour. I usually control the curls with a High Street mousse and it normally takes me an hour to wash mousse and part dry. I am now 42 and the grey hairs are appearing, I am also FED up with the hassle of styling, the itchy feeling mousse gives me and the time it takes - I donít want to be doing this in my 50s! I am thinking of going back to short, with highlights and finding one of the hundreds of products out there that would be more suitable than mousse. Please can you suggest a style and product and should I have another Kera-Straight when I have it short - HELP!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Well it certainly sounds like you have tried some products over the years! I agree with you and probably for the easiest low maintenance I would go with a shorter more manageable style. If Iím honest I would have recommended a Keratin treatment but as an alternative you could try the new Wella System Professional Lux Oil and see if that works for you. Take a look on the Style Gallery there are lots of Styles to choose from and you can always print some off and take them along to the Salon.

Zara asks:
I have very thick hair which I love I had my hair cut into a bob 2 years ago and hated it and have since been growing it. My hair is now mid way from shoulder to elbow. I started a level 2 hairdressing course last September and have just qualified and am ready to start level 3 this month, however since doing the course and practicing on each other my hair is completely dry. I have dyed it a few times with both per and quasi. I was a model for my friends perming assessment and itís ruined my hair condition, look and feel and it is so dry I donít need to wash it very often so have only been washing it twice a week and only been blow drying and using straighteners after washing and not again till the next wash. I have had recommended to me the Aussie shampoo and 3minute miracle conditioning treatment. I have used both bottles now and my hair is still very dry. I have had the Philip Kingsley range recommend also, but I cannot afford the prices with two young children and level 3 to pay for. Is there anything you could recommend that would not break the bank but will actually help get my hair back into shape?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I am at the point of going to get it all cut off, but I love my long hair and will cut it off at my last resort. I would suggest one of two things. The first is Keratin treatment which is fantastic for improving hair condition and making the hair more manageable but this can be reasonably expensive. The second is the Wella Alchemy treatments which do a similar thing to the Keratin treatment, but not quite as intensive.

Grace asks:
I permed my thick, naturally wavy/straight hair about 5 months ago. I then lightened my ends (ombre) about 3 months ago, which fried my ends (because I suspect, of excessive heat). About a month ago I dyed my hair all one colour (very dark brown, my natural colour) and my ends are still very frizzy and damaged. I cut my hair about 3 weeks ago my perm is still in tact from the top of my ears to about ten cm above the ends of my hair. I feel in a rut with my unhealthy hair and am not sure what to do from here. I do not have a stylist that I normally go to. What do you suggest I do?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
I receive hundreds of questions like yours, and always recommend that you visit a good top salon someone who specialises in Chemical work, I could think of many different ways to overcome your dilemma, on what you wrote, it sounds that you have long hair? If that is true, may I suggest you do not use any colours on your hair for at least 4 to 6 Months, during that time use the best Shampoos and conditioners you can buy, for example LíOreal do several hair repair treatments, Phillip Kingsley Hair scientists treatments have wonderful products to repair your hair, available on line here. These treatments work better in repairing your hair, give it the shine back and the bounce, dress your hair up in soft styles during the growing out period. Maybe after your hair is in good condition go to a good salon and ask them to apply a few very fine high and low highlights to break up the harshness of very dark hair. You could also take drastic actions and have your hair cut into a much shorter style, that of course would speed up the healing process of your hair. To find a good stylist, is easy, basically find someone whose hair you like. when you go shopping or on the street, tell them how much you like their hair and compliment them, then ask them who does there hair, recommendations like this usually work out well, then you have seen the work, all you need to do ask people whose hair you admire. Remember good conditioned hair is the basis for good colours and perms. as you say your hair is partly straight partly wavy, maybe you should consider changing your styles to suite the type of hair you have, there are many great hairstyles which look great with part waves and part straight, I do hope this advice will help you to understand my points I make and will help you to make a decision.

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