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Sámie asks:
Heya, I would like to ask you if you know anything about price range of hair extentions, I want some for my prom in may and if there expensive I need to start saving! I want them to be quite long as well.
Thanks Sámie x

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
The cost of hair extensions depend on whether you have real or synthetic, weight, colour, length and time of application. Salons may charge more or less depending where you are in the country too. Your hairdresser will give you a consultation and will discuss prices. I work with Racoon hair extensions and as a guide a full head of real hair starts from £500 and synthetic from £350 but this is just a rough guide

Steph asks:
I have shoulder length hair and it is quite thin and all the hairstyles I like my hairdresser says that my hair is to thin, do you know of any hairstyles I can have which means keeping the same length?

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Everyones hair has an optimum hair growth that looks great - fine hair is always better when its shorter as the texture looks thicker, the longer it is the finer it looks. If you are determined to keep the length then consider hair extensions to give you hair some added thickness. They do not have to be expensive, if you have partial extensions they cost from £150, which is the same as a cut and colour. Otherwise, keep the layers long as too short and the hair becomes too straggly looking.

Vanessa asks:
i have really thick frizzy hair that i use every hair straightener and it doesn’t work at all especially when i finish washing my hair its so puffy!! my hair is not straight or curly it is kind of like wavy. i was wondering if i should cut it or leave it long how do i make it thinner? !! I NEED HELP FAST !! please!!

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
Frizzy hair can be difficult to control. The secret is to have a good cut with long layers - avoid razor cuts as this encourages the frizz. Make sure you’re using a formulated shampoo with lots of moisturizing ingredients because frizzy hair is calling out for moisture. Have you tried styling your hair with the ghd salon styling irons? They’re ideal for thick frizzy hair as the plate is larger than the original iron.

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