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Alejandra asks:
How do you do a uniform basic haircut I keep getting points taking off when I go to state board

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
Michelle says,
’I presume you are referring to a basic layering technique? This is a trade question for an NVQ Level 2 and it is something that should be shown a to you by a lecturer during training sessions. If you look this up in your NVQ 2 training book it will explain in theory but it is something that needs to be shown to you!’

Jane asks:
Everytime I have my hair highlighted within a couple of weeks it starts to go green, this has been happening since May 05, I have tried different hairdressers whom never seem to know the answer why this is happening. I don’t go swimming and I use Redken products but my hair is very dry and badly damaged. Please could you suggest any answers as to why this is happening

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Richard says
This is a very unusual occurrence - normally I would say visit a different hairdresser for a second opinion but you’ve already done this! There must be some chemical conflict with some old bleach that you have in your hair that keeps reacting to the new highlights. It may be that you will need to decide to give your hair a break from highlighting and start to have dark colours added until the blonde has grown out.
Another suggestion is to use blonde hair extensions as these won’t change colour

Ausa asks:
Question: I have 2 questions.
1) I have been trying to grow my hari long for the past 15 years, but as it is very brittle, it breaks by the time it reaches shoulder lenght. It is naturally a bit curly, but very fine. Should I use shampoo for dry, long or frizzy hair?
2) My home is damp, wherefore I am using a dehumidifier. It works wonders; in fact, it is drying out my hair aswell! I am trying not to use it while at home, but come winter, and I will need to keep it on 24 hours/day. Is there anyway I can protect my hair? I am treating it with olive-oil and rosemary once/week (hair is still dry to the point that it will not absorb the leave-in conditioner that previously was good!) Would the hair be protected by keeping it damp in a shower cap while home with the dehumidifier? Anything else I could use to prevent my already brittle hair to completely break?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Richard says, ’wow you are certainly dedicated! Have you ever considered hair extensions? They would be ideal for your needs as you can have them as long as you like. To be honest, all hair has a maximum growth rate and I would say that yours has reached it so there isn’t a quick fix solution to make it grow.
If your hair is brittle, then you should really be using a deep moisturizing shampoo range.

In regards to the humidifying question - eek! Yep, your hair is loosing all its moisture so I would suggest keeping a bottle of leave-in spritz conditioner near by to replace the lost moisture. Definitely treat your hair with a deep conditioning treatment twice a week too.’

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