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Zoe asks:
Recently I went for a consultation to have highlights put in my hair (first time for me). The Hairdresser took a couple of strands of hair to test how they would respond to lightening (I have dark brown hair). When I went back the next day to ask about the results she produced the strands and both were very coppery, one slightly lighter than the other. I asked if the dye would take out the copper and give ash brown highlights and she said she was unsure. She stated it was hard to tell when my hair has such strong red tones what the colour would be like on it. This has made me nervous about having my hair coloured by her. She did not offer to test colour on the strands and as I get nervous at the hairdressers I completely forgot to ask. Is it normal to just see what happens with regards to highlights or should I cancel my appointment and go somewhere who can guarantee the outcome?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
I think you should put this appointment on hold and visit another couple of salons for consultations. You do not want to go somewhere that you do not feel 100% confident. Salons offer consultations so that you can get an understanding of each other, if it does not feel right, do not book. I would suggest you only visit a salon that has colour experts such as L'Oreal Colour Expert Salons. The colourist have undergone extensive training and really know what they are doing.

Natalie asks:
What is a porosity test and how do you do them on a clients hair. I am at college doing hairdressing level 1 and I do not understand what is.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
You need to check the porosity to see how quickly the hair absorbs chemicals such as colours and perms. If you think of a sponge that you use in a bath. If you put the sponge in the water it soaks up the water and then will hold the water. This is because it has good porosity. If the sponge is old and the holes are too big, it will soak up the water very quickly, however if you take the sponge out of the water it loses all the water very quickly. This is because it has poor porosity. Hair is the same. If hair is damaged it will be like the old sponge. To test porosity you take a strand of hair and run your thumb and second finger along the hair from ends to root. If the hair feels rough it is damaged or has poor porosity. If it feels smooth it has good porosity or could be resistant. Hope this helps

Lisa asks:
I have shoulder length light brown hair, I had a few blonde highlights put in last night (foils) at home. It had gone a funny tinge of ginger in places, but the worst bit is that she never went right down to the roots, so I am now left with this unsightly dark patch on top of my head. What should I do?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
The best thing you can do for now is to get a semi permanent hair colour in an ash blonde colour, this will tone down the orangey pieces. After a while you can re lighten the root area.

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