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Emma asks:
Iíve been dying my hair red for the last 2 years and I want to go brown and then dip-dye the ends. Can I do that using box colours or will it come out a funny colour.

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
This is not something I would recommend trying at home. There is a lot of room for error and could result in you having to spend double what it would you to have it done in the salon in the first place to have it put right! I would recommend visiting a salon and having them changing you colour back to an even brunette. This will make you hair super shiny and will give you the chance to build the condition up over a few weeks before re-visiting the salon for them to ombre the lighter shades through the ends. This is a process that I find gets easier every time it is done. It is easier to place the colour exactly where you want it and allows for toning after with the seasons key shades

Moe asks:
Hello, My Name is Moe. I am trying to go platinum blonde. My current colour is about 2 inches of my natural colour at the roots (which is a medium/dark brown) the rest is faded 5vr and pure rr (from redkins chromatics line) My question is what is the best way to achieve platinum with my hair being so dark.

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
Going from dark to blonde is never easy and is one of the longest services that we offer in the salon. First things first, condition is vital; cleansing the hair can cause damage so I would say that you may need to compromise some of your length and have good chop Ė the shorter the hair the more chance of gaining an even, good condition platinum colour. Step two would be to cleanse the existing colour from the ends of the hair, once this is lifted to yellow blonde the bleach can be applied to the roots and left to develop until an even very pale yellow undercoat is achieved. The last step would be to tone away any unwanted yellow that has been left in the hair, creating that cool, violet ash tone from root to tip. Regular trips to the salon are a must with this look; using blonde specific products such a LíOrealís shine blonde and conditioner at home will keep any unwanted brassy tones from creeping in

Nicolle asks:
My hair is a long bob with a thick blunt fringe and I usually wear it straight, I am bored with it at the moment but am trying to grow it long. I have got lots of work events over the next month that are really glam - would you be able to give me a couple of tips or ideas of ways that I can dress my hair up. I will be wearing cocktail dresses, am in my early 30ís and need to dress to impress but still look professional for my clients.

Kevin FortuneAnswered By:
Kevin Fortune
There are so many thing you could do with your hair, the list is endless.

Itís so easy to fall into a comfortable habit with your hair, so depending on where your parting would usually be, why donít you consider moving the line to a new position? Hold your new parting in place by blow drying heat protection and mousse into your damp hair. Now your hair is prepped, ready to create beautiful soft waves. Leave your fringe as it is and tong your hair by taking small vertical sections at a time, this angle will allow the hair to drop softly around the face instead of creating a deep wave, twisting the hair as you work your way around the tong will loosen the wave even further. Work in neat section, all in the same direction from the front to back of the head on both sides, this will create a beautiful soft wave that would grace any red carpet. The mousse in the hair will give you that extra hold to last for the whole day. ...More >

You now have two options depending on how creative you are feeling. Either brush your hair through with a vent brush adding a drop of serum for that additional shine and control, you want your hair to shimmer and enhance the waves. What you will have is a beautiful coiffured classic meets modern 30s inspires wave that will turn heads.

For a different look, back comb the whole head starting from your parting, working you way backwards. Gently brush hair out and tease into a messy beehive, donít go too high, keep the look elegant and young. Pin up at the back and soften the look by leaving fine strands floating in the air. Another look that will seem effortless and will stay all day with a good passing of hair spray.

Two looks that will carry you through your day from the office to your business events.

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