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Erika asks:
I have used Henna about a month ago in the hope to give some Volume to my fine and straight hair. Now I would like to have a perm done, but I heard that after Henna treatment a perm will not work. How long do I have to wait before having a perm done. The hairdresser I asked did not know the answer.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Some henna contain metallic salts and react badly to many other chemicals when they come in contact with it, causing hair breakage and green khaki tones in the hair, sometimes causing the hair to burn the scalp and disintegrate, or go really frizzy. Your hairdresser needs to take a cutting of your hair and test it to see if it is incompatible with the perm solution. If it is then you will have to grow out the henna completely before you can have a perm. As it would be extremely unprofessional to even think about perming your own hair. If however the henna you have used does not contain metallic salts and is not incompatible then, another strand test should be taken to make sure that the hair will form into a curl formation, as some hennas create a barrier to the chemical change of the hair, and you would sit there for hours have rollers put in and come out with straight hair! So its all about having your hair tested and then takes it from there. Its probably going to be a No you can not have a perm and stop putting henna on your hair at home, as it prevents you being able to change your look.

Barry asks:
I have red/ginger/blondish hair! I would like if possible to take away the gingerness and leave the blonde and brown or just darken or lighten my hair. I have tried a few lightening products, but they always make my hair look yellowy/orange. That is why I was thinking of trying to darken instead.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
I have a few clients with this dilemma, the thing is to us to us ordinary dull mousey blonde humans! The thought of having fabulous strawberry blonde hair naturally would be a thrill. So the first thing I would suggest is to stop messing around trying to cover up or get rid of what nature has given you, beautiful strawberry blonde hair, did you know itís the most difficult colour for us professionals to re create with out the colour fading out rapidly! So I would suggest that you build the condition of your hair up so that your hair reflects the light and shines, have a great hair cut and go au natural.

If however reading that option you are now pulling your hair out!
You could do the following, but you must know the rules of having a strong red tone in your hair naturally.
If you are going to darken it have it done by a professional as because you have been bleaching your hair with various lightening products, you could have incompatible deposits on your hair and these could react making your hair in poor condition, change to a horrid khaki colour or chemically disintegrate. So incompatibility tests must be done. If you go darker but use a permanent tint to do so, after a few shampoos the red in your hair will still show through, as the hydrogen peroxide in the perminant tint mixture will expose the red tones that are in your hair. I would recommend a long lasting semi permanent colour that has a very low level of oxidant that will not expose the hairs natural red ( like a Diacolor richesse from LOreal) This will last for several shampoos, but be careful it may grab on the bleached up hair.
If you are going to be going lighter then, unless you are going to bleach the hair up to as pale as you can go and tone it, then use ash shampoos, (all of which I would recommend a short hair cut to maintain the condition) This is high maintenance hair coloring and for it to last and look good, your looking at 2 weekly root application and to replace the ash tone which will wash off exposing the red again. (This may also be too light for your skin tone leaving you looking sick.) Highlights wont work as it only picks up a % of the hair and the rest will remain red.So your are much better off, will have less stress in your life if you accept what nature intended and have the strawberry blonde that you have with more red tones to make it look shinny, textured and healthy.

Francesca asks:
I have mid length light brown hair, and I want to make it look more stylish. I was thinking about having the bottom layer of it coloured, which colours look best with brown, and what is this style called?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
If you were asking me 5 years ago the same question I would say yes go for it, but today fashion is very different. If you are looking for a stylish but classy look at someone like Liz Hurley but if you want funky perhaps go for corn colour slices and have them placed on the lower layers

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