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Monica asks:
I have very long brown hair. It is a somewhat light/dirty blonde/ brown colour. I have never coloured it before or straighten it, as it is naturally wavy and I do not want to ruin the natural hair colour of it. Although now that I am 17 years old, I was hoping to do something nice for my last year in high school to my hair. I was thinking about getting lowlights since its almost winter and my friends said it would look nice. I am somewhat pale with a bit of freckles on my nose - similar to Mischa Barton. I was thinking about getting lowlights that will shampoo out after a couple washes. That way if I don not like the colour or anything, I will not be stuck with it. But my main question is, when you use colour that washes out in a couple of shampoos, do they leave roots? That is my biggest fear - roots. How bad would it be if I got highlight or lowlights? I do not want anything too dramatic, I have long hair and do not want to chop any off - I was thinking adding a bit of colour might make it look less droopy. What are your thoughts?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Would you get roots if you added a non permanent colour to your hair?' The only time you get new root re-growth that is different to the rest of your hair is when you have added and changed your hair with a permanent colour. When you have only used a non permanent colour then each time you wash your hair the colour rinses out leaving your own natural as before. So no you will not get roots.

Laura asks:
I have brown hair and I always have the same style. I need something different for a change as I am bored of the same style. At the moment I have a side-parting with a side fringe. It looks Ok but I still need something different as I have had the same hairstyle for near 3 years!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If it is a change you are after perhaps try some subtle, multi-toned highlights through your hair to add some colour with a funky edge. And swap the side fringe for a chunky full fringe. If it drops to your eye level it can give your face a moody yet relaxed feel, and really make a statement. And if it gets in the way, or you want a more glam evening look, you can always sweep it to the side or pin it back.

Laura asks:
I have mousy brown curly medium length fairly thin hair which I have always been too scared to be daring with. However I am a professional and work long hours so I need to look respectable in as short a time as possible. My main problem is my hair straightens out throughout the day so it looks flat and messy. Please could you advise me on a sensible hair length and style and how to keep the bounce.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Square layers or round graduated layers work well with curly hair, they really lift the hair without taking all the weight out, be advised by your hairdresser what shape would suit more, length wise on shoulders or above up to chin length work well Trevor Sorbie Professional Mousse would be good as curl cremes may weigh the hair down, add serum at the ends, super absorbent towels are good for getting most of the water out, so less time with the diffuser, so less chance of hair going fluffy. As you dry you can massage roots slightly for volume and messed up look, or tip head up side down

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