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Anna asks:
I straighten my hair very often. My natural hair is curly. Lately I have been having an itchy scalp and a lot of hair loss. I have never lost this much hair, ever! To tell you the truth I am a bit scared. I have stopped the straightening and all, but I need to know what else I can do! Or something easier to do that will not damage my hair so much, yet still keeping it under control (since my curls are hard to work with) Thanks!!

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Anna,
Straightening your hair will cause severe breakage if it has been done over a long period of time. So it is good that you have stopped doing so. The best thing now is to give your hair plenty of TLC: Use good moisturizing products and try to let your hair dry naturally with the use of a soft gel such as Razzamatazz Jellee

Theresa asks:
I am 37 and have thick wavy hair and straighten it every day. I also get my hair couloured with blonde by foils and a base colour underneath. I want a change. My hair is shoulder length with a side parting. I am considering a bob but not a really short one. What do think? I also was considering having my chemically straightened please could you help me.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Oh, with colour and daily straightening I would not recommend chemical straightening as well. This could well damage your hair and cause breakage. What you need is expert advice from a hairdresser. Book an appointment for a consultation at a good salon and ask for their recommendations.

Lola asks:
Hi! I have had the same hairstyle for quite sometime now and it is driving me crazy. It is about shoulder length and really thick and wavy, kind of black at the roots with a touch of grey, blond on some ends. Just put it like this my hair is crazy and a little dry and I have bangs and my hair is just so uneven. I am looking for a hairstyle that I do not have to do much to it. I want highlights a nice cut preferably short and layered. Something different. I am desperate at this point. Any suggestions!

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Lola
May I suggest not going too short initially but maybe taking your hair up by a couple of inches. You might then want to reduce the thickness of it by having some layers put through and texturized a little.
Hi lights would be a good idea in a caramel color this will enhance the style and soften the colour.

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