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Tracey asks:
Please can you explain why my roots go ginger after I bleach the re-growth, my hair is highlighted all over and has just started to go ginger?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
Hi Tracey:
There are many causes of why your hair its going ginger - I have tried listing some of them:
a/ if you taking or had taken any medication within the last few months
b/ if you taking any vitamins particularly an iron supplement
c/ the product used could be out of date
d/ the peroxide could it lost the strength through age or even if it has been left open
e/ had not been develop for long enough
f/ you can have some build up in the hair like silicone or sunning
g/ some type or hormonal unbalance like period or pregnancy so body calories are different
h/ poor quality bleach has been used
I hope this helps

Lauren asks:
I have naturally ginger hair, and in the summer I had blonde highlights put in underneath. I would now like to have my hair dyed a dark brown for a short amount of time, and so would like to dye it back as close to as possible - its natural colour probably within six weeks, and I was wondering if this would do any damage to my hair, and how easy it would be to dye back to ginger from the dark brown, as my hair is very hard to dye.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
Well you are talking an almost impossible job as once you have changed the colour it is very very difficult to get your natural colour back especially the red tones.

Finnula asks:
I have naturally curly red hair, I would like to have it long but it is not working out as my hair does not grow fast. So I want something stylish and in the moment, I have a heart shaped face and have recently got a bit plumper in the face, so I would like a cut that could make my face seem less wide, I have recently got a transient cut and when it grows it goes out quite wide, any suggestions would be great thank-you!

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Ask your hairdresser to cut some graduated layers in a bob shape slightly longer at the sides, it will slim down your face and with the layers will add a bit of height, chop out some texture through the layers more at back working to slightly less at front, also this shape will grow well and is very trendy at the moment

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