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Tammy asks:
I really want to cut/dye my hair, but I am clueless on what would look right. I am very pale with freckles, and very thin. I love the punk look, and the platinum blonde/black color, but really doubt if it will look good with my pale skin, but I want something that pops. What would a good shorter style and color be for me?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you want to change your style I would firstly suggest always book in for a consultation with your stylist and colourist before any changes are made, so that your hair type, colour tone and lifestyle can be taken into account. ...More >

In terms of the punk look you like, platinum blonde tends to work well on cooler skin tones as they compliment each other. If you really like a specific look then you should just go for it as most styles work if you have the confidence to match.

In terms of styling, opt for a graduated bob, taking the back shorter whilst leaving the length through the front. Placing an undercut (shorter section) underneath the top layer will create greater volume, pumping out the looking and giving that extra pizzazz. Placing black flashes of colour through this style would look fantastic, strongly enhancing the cut and complimenting the shape.

Sonia asks:
I am an African-American who wants to go back to natural. How do I strip the relaxer from my hair?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It is not possible to reverse the process back to natural once you have had your hair chemically relaxed. The only thing you can do now is to keep your hair in good condition by using a leave in conditioner every day to help stop breakage whilst you let your natural hair grow without processing it again. Keep having the ends of your hair trimmed until all of the relaxed hair has been cut away. This process might take up to 8 months or longer. The other route is to have your hair weaved possibly with a natural look and keep your own hair tucked away until all of the relaxer has grown out.

Clare asks:
I gave birth 5 months ago and my hair is falling out drastically. Is there anything you can recommend I use. My hair is half way down my back.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
After a baby is born it is common for the mother to experience a great loss of hair due to the oestrogen falling back to the normal (pre-pregnancy) level. This condition is called Post-Partum Alopecia. The hair, which is lost after childbirth, is the hair that would normally have fallen out during the nine months of pregnancy but did not, will now fall out from the second to the seventh month after the babies birth. This can, however, be from the first month to the sixth or seventh or from the forth month to the twelfth. Post-partum hair loss affects approx. 40% of all women with children and can be a very frightening and upsetting experience, often because the woman does not know what exactly is causing the problem and when it will stop, and even in some cases, if it will stop. This excessive hair loss usually lasts for between 2 to 7 months and stops as suddenly as it started, and in time all the hair will be replaced.

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